Creating Your Forever Family

Creating Your Forever Family BannerThis isn’t my normal romance review. In fact, it’s not a romance at all. I like to think of Creating Your Forever Family by Rachel Sullivan as the How-To self-help manual for how characters in books and real life couples find and keep their happily-ever-afters romance readers read and dream about. Once the hero and heroine find each other and the book ends with them happily together, what comes next? How do they keep from divorcing or being miserable a few years down the road when real life problems and challenges smack them in the face?

This book has great advice and suggestions to apply in real life marriages to build a strong foundation to weather life’s storms. There are 10 chapters that go over such topics as faith in God, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, creating a family culture, love, respect, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. Each chapter gives examples from the author’s life as well as other views of other happy, successful families and prophet’s words on the subject. Each chapter ends with different ideas to apply these principles into your own life and family.

It’s a Christian-based book written by an LDS (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) author and she uses LDS specific terminology and doctrine inside it. I loved all her ideas and suggestions. I’m to the grandma stage in life (just barely–my oldest daughter just had her first child–my first grandchild–this past week), but this book has given me lots of ideas to use even as a mom of older kids and a grandma. Super excited to put some new ideas into action in my family. And if you’re younger with small kids (or thinking about kids), even better. This book will inspire lots of ways to create that forever family that is strong in love and faith.

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Happy reading…and even better…happy families!!!


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