First Line Friday

First LineFunHere’s another First line Fun game for you. Match up the books & authors below to the first lines from each book. The answers can be found below my name. (You’re welcome)




Books & Authors

First Lines

  1. “The color black screamed hypocrisy to Meri. She stared at her hideous dress in the long mirror while the maid took her time fastening the buttons down Meri’s back. Black was meant to represent grief and mourning; Meri felt neither.”
  2. “Brooke Holt was so ready for the wind to stop blowing.”
  3. “It had not been a good night for sleeping, but few were, so Noah Carter occupied his mind by listening to the night sounds–the rumble of vehicle engines in the alley behind where he made his home, crammed in the Laundromat’s utility room.”
  4. “History would call him il Conte del Maledetto–the Damned Earl. His descendents would call him ‘that damned idiot.'”
  5. “On the night of his thirtieth birthday, Tavish O’Connor resigned himself to a life of eternal bachelorhood.”

Do you have all your answers ready? Check them out with the key below my name. Hope you had fun, and happy reading.


Answer Key: (Quotes in book order: 4, 2, 1, 5, 3)


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