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My summer has flown by with lots of fun family happenings: a daughter’s wedding, another daughter’s expecting and a fun shower to throw for her, another daughter back from a mission, a son leaving on a mission, vacations, etc. But I have found moments to sneak in my reading. Here’s a review of some of my favorites this summer.

Beauty is the Beast by Jenni James

beautyCute modern twist on the Beauty and Beast trope. Arabella is popular, beautiful and ready to take the world by a storm. When she wins state high school representative for Colorado, she is sure all her dreams are about to come true. Until she realizes she can’t bring her popular, good looking boyfriend around as her plus one to all the events she has to attend. She must pair up with Brockton, the boy’s state representative who is a little nerdy and comes from a poor background. So begins their mutual hate relationship. He thinks she’s stuck on herself. She thinks he isn’t good enough for her.

This is a fun YA story that teaches a great lesson about changing and looking beneath the skin to the true person underneath all the masks we like to wear. It was fast-paced and very captivating. Great book!

Far From Falling by J.D. Garcia

farThis is a sweet contemporary romance set in make-believe Falling Pines. Paige has been in love with her best friend, Luke, for years. But he’s never seen her as more than his friend. When he takes a job that will move him out of state and out of her life, she feels life crumbling around her. But once Luke leaves, he realizes he misses Paige something fierce and is thinking about her in all the wrong ways, especially when he realizes other guys are moving in on her.

Far From Falling took me on a heart-tugging journey between two hearts who yearn for more than friendship, but are desperate to preserve the status quo in case pushing for more risks everything they cherish. The characters were sweet, the story compelling, and the writing super good. I enjoyed this one and read it ultra-fast.

The promise of home by Michelle Paige Holmes

Female youth standing alone in victorian dressThis is book 3 in this series, and it was excellent. I’ve loved watching Katie’s and Collin’s love story unfold through their arranged marriage Katie is unhappy about to their marriage where they are fleeing to a new world in search of home. This author writes delicious characters that I can’t get enough of (sugary carb characters—ha ha). They’re awesome. The plot is rich like a dessert too, with lots of twists, turns, surprises, shocks, etc. The setting in England, Nova Scotia, and Virginia is super well done. I really felt like I was there with the characters and got sucked into their crazy world and romance. Bravo for a well-done series that I couldn’t put down once I started reading! This is MOST EXCELLENT!


Well, there you have it. My summer in books. Have you read any great books this summer? Leave a comment so I can throw them on my TBR pile. I’m always looking for another great book to read.






4 thoughts on “Summer Review

  1. Some great reviews of some great books, Char. You have had a very busy summer!
    Lately, I’ve been reading mystery/thriller/psychological type novels. Not That I Could Tell and Almost Missed You by Jessica Strawser. And Working Fire by Emily Bleeker. Romance-wise, I read Moonstruck by Sariah Wilson. All have been winners, the kind of books that just suck you in and don’t let go. I love when that happens.

    • I love that too! Moonstruck was awesome. I’m thinking of making a post just on that one. Glad you’ve had some good reading this summer too. I read one of Emily Bleeker’s books and was impressed. Very intriguing stories.

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