Narcissistic Tendencies

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Today I have a fun treat for you. The 3rd book in the Dating by Design series by Jennifer Peel–Narcissistic Tendencies–was so good that I want to give the 1st book away to a lucky commenter. So read all about it, then leave a comment at the end if you’d like a chance to win Book 1–His Personal Relationship Manager.

Each of the books have been so awesome…and witty. This one pairs up Kate, Binary’s Dating Service’s resident psychologist, with Nick Wells, an over-the-top handsome, egotistical movie star. When Nick signs up for Binary’s matchmaking services, Kate questions whether that is wise. The man seems like a total narcissist to her. And she should know since she’s dealt with one up close and personal before. Her boss asks her to be his Relationship Manager, which she is loathe to do. But her job is on the line. So Kate tries to do her best. But when her heart betrays her by always liking the man, the lines between professional and friendly get very muddy. She doesn’t know quite what to think of the man.

On the one hand, he’s obviously a narcissist.

But then he’ll do something kind that confuses her.

Who’s the real man?

My Review

5 Yummy 3I really loved this one. Definitely 5 stars all the way! The characters are awesome. It was a fun to see Nick grow into someone I could like. I was with Kate in the beginning and thought he was an A-class jerk. But he grew on me, and by the end I really liked him. That’s good writing!

The side characters are hilarious as well. You have the Nanettes from the other 2 books and then Nick’s teenage daughter. Seeing Zander and Meg in this one (from book 2) was gratifying also. And the ending was phenomenal. But I refuse to spoil it for you. It’s so good!!! You’ll have to savor it for yourself.

Favorite Quotes:

People always tell you who they are, even if they are trying to hide it.” – Zander


You should never enter a relationship with the intention to “fix” someone. You would only end up broken.


…sometimes we give away what could have been the most beautiful bouquet because we were afraid that we might get pricked by a few thorns. Here’s a newsflash, my dear daughter, all roses have thorns, even you. Though yours are few.” She gave me a sardonic grin. “Honey, you’ve got to be willing to bleed a little.”


Leave a comment with your email to be in the drawing to win a digital copy of His Relationship Manager – book 1 in this series. You won’t regret it. Now go and have a happy day!


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