First Line Fun

First LineFunThought I’d throw out some first line fun today.  I love reading, but I always savor first lines in a book. It sets the mood and gets me excited (or not).

See how good you can guess for the following three sets of books which first line matches which book. I’ll put up five at a time. GO!!!

Books & Authors

  • Walk of Infamy by Sheralyn Pratt
  • All Fall Down by Julie Coulter Bellon
  • The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon
  • Condemn Me Not by Heather B. Moore
  • How I Met Your Brother by Janette Rallison

First Lines

  1. “Something was wrong. Rafe could feel it. He’d opened the door to the building that housed his family’s business, but hesitated before going in. The hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up.”
  2. “Elliott Church might personify everything I hated about Los Angeles, but the man had a gorgeous home.”
  3. “Veins crisscross the backs of my hands like a map of trails, intersecting, yet leading to nowhere–much like the path I’ve worn on the dungeon floor as I pace around the huddled bodies of women, carving footsteps into the cold, hard earth.”
  4. “Belle had never been the type who dreamed of being a runway model. Even back in high school when her friends were vying for whatever spotlight was available, she was the sort who preferred to stay in the background, unnoticed, while she got the work done.”
  5. “She was so small. The only thing large about her were her eyes, and they filled her face, grey and solemn like the fog on the moors.”

Answers are at the end of this post. Here’s the 2nd set to match up.

Books & Authors

  • Cheyenne by Jennifer Peel
  • From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon
  • Yesterday’s Promise by Michelle Holmes
  • Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson
  • Jailbird by Taylor Dean

First Lines

  1. “Angelo must have slept in the damp grass beside the road for a while, but the evening was cold and his cassock was thin, and he awoke, shivering. Even that small movement made him moan, but at least the sharp pain along his right side revived him. “
  2. “It was the oak tree that distracted me. I happened to glance up as I walked beneath its full, green canopy. The wind was tossing its leaves so that they twirled upon their stems, and at the sight I was struck with the realization that it had been much too long since I had twirled.”
  3. “Showtime, Mia. And you know what they say about a show that’s about to start–it must go on. Of course, they also tell the actors to break a leg and I’d much prefer that to what I’m about to do.”
  4. “I bolted upright in bed and held my chest. My heart was pounding, trying to make its way out. It was only a dream, I reminded myself. Except it wasn’t. The only difference was that when I went off the cliff this time, I got to wake up in the comfort of my bed instead of in a rushing river.”
  5. “Is this the lad?” A wizened man seated at the head of the long table squinted, bunching the skin surrounding his eyes into folds. His coarse, grey beard dragged across his knees as he pushed back his chair and angled toward me.”

And our last bunch of books and first lines to match…

Books & Authors

  • Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt
  • #StarStruck by Sariah Wilson
  • When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker
  • A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden
  • Game Changer by Charissa Stastny (Ha ha, I had to throw one of mine on here)

First Lines

  1. “Claire Ramsey only felt in control about 1% of the time. Now was one of those times.”
  2. “It was a beautiful funeral. How could it not be? Natalie planned the whole thing, and she always had a knack for entertaining.”
  3. “Do you know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you’ve reacted and said something maybe you shouldn’t have? As soon as I pushed the TWEET button, I regretted it.”
  4. “I blame falling in love on orange chicken. No joke. The balance of a human life is so precarious that a simple Chinese dish can throw it all out of whack.”
  5. “The amount of female attention her brother garnered never failed to amaze Lucy.”


What can I say except “You’re welcome.”

Okay, here are your answers for the first set:

  • Walk of Infamy by Sheralyn Pratt = 2
  • All Fall Down by Julie Coulter Bellon = 1
  • The Bird and the Sword by Amy Harmon = 5
  • Condemn Me Not by Heather B. Moore = 3
  • How I Met Your Brother by Janette Rallison = 4

2nd set of books:

  • Cheyenne by Jennifer Peel = 4
  • From Sand and Ash by Amy Harmon = 1
  • Yesterday’s Promise by Michelle Holmes = 5
  • Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson = 2
  • Jailbird by Taylor Dean = 3

And the last round:

  • Pimpernel by Sheralyn Pratt = 1
  • #StarStruck by Sariah Wilson = 3
  • When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker = 2
  • A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden = 5
  • Game Changer by Charissa Stastny = 4

Have you read any awesome books lately? If not, check out any of the ones in this post or browse through my Goodreads list to the side of this blog. I’ve read a lot of great ones lately that I’d love to share with you. Happy reading!


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    • Yea! Score for you. I reread your first line and it’s a great one too. “Within the suffocating stairwell of the catacombs, something happened to Ben.” Agh! What! It’s so simple but manages to set the tone and tension right away. Hope you’re having a great summer!

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