Unforgettable BannerHere’s Deseret Book’s latest release. I’d call it a mystery-suspense, with a hint of romance. There is a giveaway at the end, so make sure to enter that for a chance to win cash and a paperback copy of this book. Here’s the Unforgettable blurb:

Haley has always admired her strong-willed great-grandmother Grisa. The woman survived the disappearance of her husband and thrived after her immigration to America at the beginning of World War II. But when a shocking telephone call from a detective in Germany turns Haley’s life upside down in an instant, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her heritage. The body of Ulrich Krauss has been found, and the renowned toymaker and artist has a shocking connection to Haley: he is her great-grandfather—not missing, but murdered. Now, at the request of her ailing great-grandmother, Haley travels to Germany to seek answers. What she finds instead are more questions and a growing sense of danger dogging her every step. Protection appears in the form of Joshua, an attractive man from Haley’s past who is in Germany on business. Together the pair embarks on an emotional quest for the truth, only to discover that a generations-old plot is very much alive, and there are those as determined as ever to keep the facts surrounding Ulrich’s death hidden—even if it means silencing his great-granddaughter for good.

My Review

This book had an intriguing plot and cool setting in contemporary Germany. Haley’s great-grandmother Isle lost her husband before WWII and never knew what happened to him. When a police investigator calls to let the family know Ulrich’s remains have been found inside a basement wall over 60 years later, Haley’s great-grandma begs her to go to Germany for her to see what she can find out and to do a memorial service for her dear husband, who was killed. But as Haley and Josh, a friend she bumps into in Germany, start doing some investigating in Germany, it seems that the killer from decades ago might still be alive. Mysterious, eerie things start happening to thwart their efforts to find out the truth.

4yummyThis was a well done book. The suspense was good. The villain was intriguing, and the author did a good job of helping the reader feel empathetic toward him (a little). The romance felt a little stilted and slow to me, but it was there. That’s why I said above…a hint of romance to take place in the future. The mystery element in this book was super fascinating. I loved the idea of a German helping Jews hide their priceless art before the Nazis took over and confiscated it all. But a new organization arose, the one responsible for offing Ulrich, and they’re still working their underhanded ways all these years later.

My favorite characters were Haley and Ilse. They had a touching, sweet relationship. I loved how Haley learned slowly along the way that her family might not be as cold and unloving as she’s always believed. This book seemed to promote the theme that not everyone is as cut and dry, white or black as we tend to believe or judge on first impressions (or even after knowing for years).


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