The Highlander’s Hidden Heart

A Highlander's Hidden Heart bannerHere’s another fun read by Julie Coulter Bellon. I’ve read many of her romantic suspense novels and a few contemporary ones lately, but this is her first historical romance between a Scottish lord and an English lady. I thought she did a good job! Read on to learn more, and enter the rafflecopter giveaway at the end of this post for a chance to win.


A Highlander's Hidden HeartDespite being the daughter of a duke, shy Elizabeth Barrington becomes a target for the cruel whisperings of the ton. She would rather stay at home with her sketchbook indefinitely than give them more to gossip about, but when a dashing new earl arrives, everything changes. His Scottish brogue and easy acceptance draw her in and she finds herself falling in love. Before she can act on her feelings, however, her father promises her to a man who hides his cruel behavior behind a mask of civility. With her future at stake, Elizabeth must make a choice—do her duty or choose a love that could cost her everything.

Alec Ramsay never expected to inherit an earldom or settle in England, but he leaves behind his life in the Scottish Highlands and comes to London. After meeting his new neighbor, the beautiful and soft-spoken Lady Elizabeth, Alec can’t wait to further their acquaintance. It doesn’t take long in her company, however, for Alec to see he’s in danger of losing his heart. But when long-held prejudices rear their ugly head, Alec is caught between doing what is right and his new role as an English gentleman. Has he finally found the love he’s waited his whole life for, only to lose her in the web of unfair judgments and proper English traditions?

My Review

4yummyThis short and sweet Regency period romance is a solid 5 on Amazon and Goodreads, and a Delicious 4 on my more critical Sweet Scale. It’s written well and is one I would definitely read again.

It features Elizabeth, an English Duke’s daughter who has a painful stutter. Her dad, tired of no man offering for her after two seasons, accepts the courtship of Lord Lindley, with the idea that he will marry his daughter after the season ends. But when Elizabeth saves a runaway dog, who belongs to the Scottish lord Alec Ramsay, who has just inherited his dad’s ancestral estate, her heart is smitten.

So begins the story of two hearts becoming one, and overcoming all obstacles placed in their way. The theme touched upon being proud of your heritage and standing up for your beliefs. The characters were fun and engaging, the villain a cad I wanted to spit at (except I suck at spitting), and the plot unravels at a fast pace. It’s a super good book. A quick read, but one that makes you smile the whole way through.

First Lines:

1815: Alec Ramsay looked out the carriage window, trying to hide his dismay. London was crowded, dirty, and he already felt restricted with his cravat and waistcoat, attire befitting a new English earl. If he could have gotten away with traveling in a comfortable kilt, he would have.

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