My Dearest Enemy

Here’s the latest by Jennifer Moore. I love her historical romances, and this one was set in a unique period of time. Canada. Early 1800’s when England fought against the States (again). I love learning about small pieces of history through fictional stories, and this nibble of history I hadn’t run into before, so I wanted to share. Here’s the synopsis (And don’t you LOVE that cover?):


coverStruggling alone on the family farm, Abigail Tidwell knows exactly who to blame for her hardships: the Americans. If it weren’t for their part in the war, her father and brothers would be home rather than fighting abroad. But no amount of antipathy could have prepared her for the shocking sight of a wounded American soldier on her property, a man in dire need of her help. Grudgingly, Abigail tends to the soldier’s injuries and anticipates the satisfaction of turning him over to the authorities once he is healed. But fate has other plans. Captain Emmett Prescott remembers little of the ambush on his men by a group of Shawnee Indians and even less about how he arrived in the unfamiliar barn.

After being nursed back to health by beautiful, if reluctant, Abigail, Emmett would do anything to save the men he left behind—including forcibly enlisting Abigail’s help. Soon, Abigail finds herself caught between two countries at war. And as her attraction for Emmett grows, her conflicted heart engages in its own silent battle. But when she is accused of treason for her actions, her survival rests in the hands of the very man she once considered her enemy.

My Review

5 Yummy 2This book is absolutely decadent! I would definitely read it again. The characters are Abigail and Emmett. One is a British citizen living in the Canadian frontier. The other is an American soldier, fighting the British. They are enemies.

Abigail finds a wounded Emmett in her barn while her father and brother are off fighting and doctoring for the English. She is running the farm alone. Knowing how to suture wounds and other medical procedures from her doctor dad, she helps the cursed American, but also ties his hands apart so he cannot pull any funny business with her. But when the tables turn and Abigail becomes Emmett’s prisoner instead, she is surprised to find her heart falling for the kind, compassionate, and good leader…even though he is her avowed enemy.

This book was a treasure to read, just like the pretty, unique rocks that Emmett and Abigail both loved for their geological qualities. The qualities it had were great character depth, a cold, snowy setting in Canada that I could feel clear to my bones. Shiver. It had great plot twists, intriguing historical facts and scenes, a despicable villain, and my favorite…romantic tension. I loved it so much I inhaled it in two days, kind of like I imagine myself doing to that decadent cake above if someone was kind enough to make it for me. 🙂

This is set after the Revolutionary war when England fought with the Indians against the Americans in the early 1800s (Since I’m not a historian, you’ll have to be content with my lame description. I can’t remember which war this is. Sorry) The side characters are phenomenal. Jasper, Luke, Murphy, Barney, Abigail’s father and brother. They added lots of dimension and reality to the plot, and fleshed out the MCs. Overall, this is a great historical piece of romantic fiction about a little known time and place in the American story that I highly recommend. It’s super good (and way less calories than that cake. I promise)!!!

Favorite Quote:

Each of these armies contains noble men. And each contains men with evil hearts. Let a person’s character be the indicator of a real enemy, not the color of his uniform.” Abigail’s father, Dr. Tidwell.


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Have a great week. I hope it is everything lovely and of good report!


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  1. This book sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read it! I love the blurb and your review. It really pulls you in and makes you want to pick up the book right away!

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