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Here are some fun YA books I’ve read. Kelly Oram writes great YA that always make me laugh out loud. She has a sharp, cutting wit about her, and it reveals itself in her character dialogue. These two books feature romance in a science squad of all places. Hee hee. Read on, and leave a comment to be entered in the giveaway at the end.

The Avery Shaw Experiment

averyAvery Shaw is a science geek who is secretly in love with her best friend, Aiden. But when Aiden wants to put some distance between them and gets a girlfriend, she is crushed. Grayson, Aiden’s older brother, and the most popular senior at Spanish Fork High (hey! This is right close to me!), rushes to the rescue to keep Avery from falling apart. They strike up an Experiment to do for the science fair that Aiden’s left her high and dry without a partner for now, to see if her broken heart can be cured by going through the seven stages of grief. Grayson will act as the unbiased observer.

This cute, witty, heart-tugging romance made me laugh constantly. Avery is a cool, smart character. Grayson is the fantastic, handsome jock. He’s hilarious, but caring. Seeing Avery grow and develop confidence to stand on her own is thrilling.

There is some language and sexual innuendos in this book, but it didn’t bother me. The moral was good and uplifting. I really love this author’s style and her funny stories. They’re great.

Favorite Passage

I’m not really ready to date anyone, and, I’m sorry, I’m definitely not in the mood to be your flavor of the weekend.”

I chuckled and so did most everyone else. It wasn’t every day that I got shot down. It was kind of amusing. “I believe the term is flavor of the week,” I teased. “Not weekend.”

Avery looked at me skeptically. “Have you ever lasted an entire week with one girl?”

For a single beat there was silence, and then the entire table exploded into laughter.

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The Libby Garret Intervention

libbyThis is the 2nd book in this series. Libby, Avery’s friend from book 1, has a problem. She’s not addicted to drugs or alcohol, but she is self-destructing because of her sexual addiction to Owen Jackson, a college guy she’s been obsessed with for the last year.

Her science club friends decided to step in to stage an intervention to help cure her of her obsessive traits, and banish Owen from her mind and life forever. Avery asks help of Adam, the coffee shop manager where she works. He’s a high school dropout who’s lived a hard life, and secretly has harbored a crush on Libby for the last few years. But she doesn’t even know he exists. That is about to change.

This is another fun one. There are lots of sexual innuendos about what Libby and Owen are doing throughout the story, and some readers might find it raw and gritty. There are no details given though, and it’s a great story about overcoming addictions that destroy self-esteem, friendships, and lives. The characters are funny, and unique, and I couldn’t’ help but grow to love them—a huge challenge given that I couldn’t stand Libby in the beginning. The sensitive subject of addiction and overweight girls who have low self-esteem was handled very respectfully, but in a fun way teens will relate to. Great book.

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    • It’s fun to read these teenage style books at times to try to keep up with how it is to be a teenager today. ***Also, I just started your book today and am really liking it. I’m only about 10% in so far, but it’s a great beginning. I like the characters so far, and the mystery. The crazy Kate just entered the hospital.

        • I can tell he’s flawed, but like the small kind things he does that shows he is a good guy deep down. Like fixing his dad’s window even though he’s crazy busy. So he’ll have a couple-few more books after this?

          • Yes. The idea is a series where each time he faces an otherworldly situation. I’ve finished the first draft of the second book, but I want to finish a different project before I return to it. No Vodou in the second one. Something different.

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