Dragons, Practicalities, & Ghosts

Today’s books have some interesting features…as you can see from the title. Let’s jump right in and tell you about them, shall we?

Dragons of Alsace Farm

dragonsThis was a super cool, touching book. The characters are flawed and have (or are) overcoming incredible challenges and demons. Noah ran away from the only family he’d ever cared about ten years ago when he felt betrayed by his uncle. When his uncle finally finds him and asks him to come home so he can make amends, Noah is unsure he wants to go back to his past. But when he meets his aunt and uncle’s neighbor, 80-year-old Agnes who has Alzheimer’s, he connects. She seems to love him and see his strengths, not just his weaknesses. When Agnes’s lost granddaughter returns to care for her grandmother, Noah and her don’t like each other. But that changes.

I really enjoyed getting into Agnes’s mind as she struggles with losing her mind and keeping her dignity. I absolutely adored Noah. He was such a flawed man, but treated Agnes so perfectly. And I loved seeing how him and Tayte’s relationship developed and broke down during the time they knew each other. This has lots of twists and turns I didn’t expect, and it was just a wonderful, inspiring story. Very good writing (I highlighted quotes like crazy). I highly recommend this piece of women’s fiction, especially if you or anyone you know deals with Alzheimer’s victims.

Favorite Quotes

Agnes bent and brought the cat to her shoulder, where it snuggled against her neck like thirteen pounds of therapy. Love was what she needed, and to give love.


Staring mortality down changes a person, enrolls them in a rather exclusive academy of higher understanding. You appreciate things you once took for granted and cherish people until the thought of them makes your heart literally ache. It’s a divine, final tutorial.” -Uncle John


Running away got me nowhere. I deserve more, and so do you. You said you wanted the fairy tale. At some point you’re going to have to fight to make that dream come true.” -Noah


Noah wanted to believe so much he’d begun quietly praying to God when things got out of hand in his life. There was no way to quantify the value of his efforts, but situations that would have sent him back into the darkness had not. Maybe that was his answer.

The Practically Romantic Groom 

groomSuper cute, fun, heart-tugging romance set in a cute western town of Cobble Creek. Isaac and Brooke dated in junior high. They were each other’s first kiss, but when Brooke broke things off with him for no apparent reason, he never really recovered from the rejection. Now Isaac is back in Cobble Creek and opening a law practice. When he meets Brooke again, his feelings have grown even stronger, but he’s too pragmatic to fall for love again. It never works out. He knows that being a family attorney now. But Brooke instigates a bet to see if her brother can woo Isaac’s sister with romantic gesture or pure logic. As they spend time together in the guise of the bet, their attraction surprise them both. But they both are too timid from the past to act on it. Can a pragmatist like Isaac win over a hopeless romantic like Brooke?

This story had a nice, easy-to-read flow. The characters were fun, the plot intriguing, the setting in Cobble Creek charming. There wasn’t anything not to like. The issue of selective mutism is addressed in this story, which was fascinating. I always like how this author works in reality into her happily ever afters.

Favorite Quotes

Brooke was of a mind that too much silence would be deafening and claustrophobic, but in small doses, it made a statement as important as a rest in a concerto or the white space on the printed page—a relief, a brief moment to regroup and prepare. Without silence, no one could appreciate hearing what the loved most.”


Words people say carry so much weight.” -Brooke


This is a learning process for all of us—learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.” -Danielle

The Lady of Breken Manor

ghThis ghostly romance pits Sean, the new owner of Breken Manor, against Charlotte, the ghost who inhabits his inherited estate. She has been banned there by an ancient curse set by her mother, and is extremely bored. But when Sean shows up with Michele, his fiancee, Charlotte’s life (or existence) takes on new meaning. Sean seems to be intuitively sensitive to her smell and emotions, and she might just find herself falling in love if she’s not careful.

This was a light, fun, shorter read set in a cool background with interesting, unique characters. A ghost! It’s fast-paced and has some mystery to it, and enough romance and heart-tugging to appeal to romance readers. I enjoyed it.


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  1. Lovey reviews, as always. By the way, congrats on your good news! I saw your FB post. (Which is a surprise because FB doesn’t seem to show me many of the pages I follow. I’m thinking I might just give the site up, especially with all that’s been happening with it. But I digress…) A grandbaby, that’s so exciting! I’m so happy for you. What a fun time for you.

  2. Oooo! These books sound divine!
    You know what? I absolutely love the care and time you take in reading and reviewing. I am sorry I’ve been away for so long.
    I am adding these to my growing list. xoxox

    • Reading is my great love. It’s fun to read and review, and if someone gets some needed ideas, then great! All the better. I hope you are home and enjoying your garden and not spending all your time on a plane. Is work getting less crazy…or more?

        • Good, good. Your garden looks so beautiful. Glad you have it. Guess what? Daughter #1 is pregnant, due in Sept. And Daughter #2 is getting married end of June. Yippee!! I’m pretty excited. Daughter #3 comes home from her mission a week before wedding…so this summer will be super fun…and busy.

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