Stars Above Northumberland

The Stars Above Northumberland BannerHere’s a great book I’m excited to tell you about, and there’s a giveaway with it (so don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter at the end to get your name in the drawing). I just finished The Stars Above Northumberland by Anita Stansfield yesterday, and it was one of those breezy books to read. By that I mean I turned the pages so fast in my quest to finish and figure out what would happen that there was a steady breeze blowing on my face the whole time. Too bad it’s winter. I had to put on a jacket it was getting so chilly.


bookHer husband is dead. But far from grieving, young widow Lady Meriwether Sturgess feels nothing but relief and release. After enduring years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her cruel husband, Meri is drawn to the comfort of the one place sure to offer healing both for her and her children: Rosewell Manor. The home of her beloved Aunt Annibel is the site of her happiest childhood memories, and it promises the new beginning for which she longs. Just as she settles into life at the manor, Meri is granted a delightful surprise. Elliott Rosewell has come to stay, as he often has since childhood. Meri and Elliott had once been close friends, and each concealed long-harbored feelings for one another. Their warm relationship is quickly rekindled, and despite the sorrows and secrets they each conceal, they discover that their friendship has blossomed into love. But a relationship that seems to promise happily ever after quickly begins to unravel as devastating truths from both Meri’s and Elliott’s past surface, and their chance at happiness together may be lost forever. . . .

Favorite Quotes

It was as they were all on a little fishing boat, sailing aimlessly along, never caring to look up or down and see the vast sky above them or the depths of the ocean beneath, failing to consider that the world was so much larger, more amazing, and vastly more complex than any of them cared to acknowledge


…love is not a feeling alone; it is action. Love is shown by the way we treat people and care for them; and he had none to give. In his heart he was penniless, all the while believing we should be satisfied with his own distorted belief that he was showering us with riches.

My Review

5 Yummy 3I’ve been reading Anita Stansfield’s books since I was a teenager and my aunts would let me borrow their books when they bought them. She has a gift for storytelling, and creating heart wrenching romances that put her characters through more torment than you can imagine. I really enjoy her books.

This one features Meri and Eliott, childhood friends that get split apart when Meri marries a despicable man who deceived her and subjected her to a life of misery for eight years. When they meet again, their hearts take up where they left off, but though they both love each other, both have secrets from the past eight years that have left them scarred, and could possibly stand in the way of their happiness. I really enjoyed the layers of this story, delving into the life of the main characters (And side ones was intriguing too), who look like they’ve lived a normal, happy life, but have excessive demons to overcome. The theme of learning to let go of secrets in order to heal is explored thoroughly in this story, and it was fun to see the growth, pain, agony, and healing that eventually came. The secrets were interesting too. It was an easy book to read, and the pacing pull me along really fast. I read this in 3 days, and could hardly put it down. It’s a great one.


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4 thoughts on “Stars Above Northumberland

  1. Reminds me of some of the wonderful books I read when I was younger, like ‘Rebecca.’ (I think that’s the one, but I could be getting my classics wrong.) Returning to a stately manor always makes for an intriguing premise.

  2. I am excited to read this one. Anita always writes great books, and I want to see how Meri and Elliott’s relationship unfolds. Thanks for the review and link to the giveaway!

    • Her books always go so much deeper than most romances go with character demons. I love peeling the layers away as the story progresses.

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