Saving Marilee

bookIt’s time to play catch-up with a bunch of great books I’ve read this month but haven’t posted about yet. Saving Marilee is about one of the 7 royal sisters of Dalthia. I’ve read several other stories in this set, and they are always unique and enjoyable. This one deals with abuse, and the author did a super good job with the sensitive topic.

Book Blurb

A proper, clean romance. For all those who have suffered in silence, no matter the hardship. Everyone deserves a voice. Marriage wasn’t bliss—not for Marilee. Instead of finding contentment with the handsome son of a sovereign duke, she found betrayal and neglect. And fear. A fear that finally lifts when her husband dies, freeing her from his domineering hand. But freedom alone can’t give her peace, and she must battle to regain her love for life, rebuild her happiness, and reclaim the ability to trust. When her charming neighbor intrudes on her quiet life, she must determine whether his interest is genuine, and whether he deserves the fragile bit of trust she has managed to scrape together. However, trusting is a risk, and she has vowed never to put herself at the mercy of someone else’s whims. Can Marilee take that chance, knowing how terribly she’s chosen before? She doesn’t know if she can survive being wrong again.

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My Review

4yummyI rated this a 5 on Amazon and Goodreads, and a 4 on my more critical Sweet scale, which is pretty excellent. Delicious, like the cake you see here. This book really was a treat to read. I highly recommend it.

This romance is one of healing. Marilee’s horrific, abusive marriage ends after 8 months when her husband is struck down in a tragic accident. She doesn’t grieve his loss. Now she must discover who she is, after being lost under her husband’s heavy hand and abusive tricks to make her lose her identity. When she meets her kind neighbor, Gavin, she finds it hard to trust him. She wonders if she’ll ever be able to trust a man again. I really enjoyed this journey with Marilee in regaining her identity after her horrific marriage. There was anguish, sweetness, tender scenes, angry scenes, and a great villain thrown into the mix to keep me guessing and grinding my nails down to tiny nubs. This was super well done, as this whole series has been so far with the princesses of Dalthia. I enjoy this author’s writing style a lot.

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