A Grand Tour

bookWinter time is a great time for a grand tour, don’t you think? It’s wet, icy, slushy, and gray…so it’s nice to escape, and this book was a sweet escape from the winter doldrums and into the European landscape of the mid-1800’s.


Victorian romance, set in mid 1800’s with English characters.

My Ratings:

  • Amazon 5 / Goodreads 5 / My Sweet Scale 4 – Delicious

Short summary (no spoilers):

4 DeliciousThere are three novellas in this collection. A Lord’s Chance by Anthea Lawson had cute characters that don’t like each other at first, but as they journey along the sunny Mediterranean, making different spots and having exciting adventure, they come to see what each other keeps hidden so well—their hearts.

Falling in Rome by Jennifer Moore had the unique twist of featuring chaperones as the hero and heroine as they try to keep their young charges in check while digging into history in Rome and Greece. Super fun story.

A Secret Arrangement by Heather B. Moore sets a lie in motion in ancient Egypt, bringing two hearts together that might not have otherwise gotten the chance.


I enjoyed getting to know all the heroes and heroines in these three stories. They were fun, proper, quirky at times, and easy to connect with–even though I had nothing in common with them because of the time period. Loved the chaperone story and how it showed me a different aspect of English culture back then.


The writing in these anthologies is usually high quality. This was no different. It’s edited well, each author weaved an interesting story with god pacing. The settings were described super well in this collection, and I could picture Egypt, Rome, and other cool spots around that Mediterranean area. My hat is off to each of these authors. I’m not a big fan of novellas because there isn’t enough time to get the amount of character development I personally like, but these are well done. I enjoyed them despite being novellas. That’s saying something.

Overall reading experience:

This was definitely a delicious read. I loved going to new places in each story and meeting the unique characters from this time period, and the authors presented their stories in a polished, professional manner. I’d definitely recommend this if you need to escape the winter blues.

If you want to check it out more, here is the Amazon link. Hope your weekend is incredible! Don’t slip on ice, just read something nice!