Favorites Books for 2017

book-1760998_1280This year I read 129 books.

I’ve posted my Favorites with links to check out on my new author blog–Char’s Succulent Thoughts. It took forever to categorize books & then choose my favorites from each genre. (A work of love…you’re welcome. Ha ha) You can see ALL my books in that post on my Goodreads Year in Review link (It’s a pretty cool visual–Thanks Goodreads!)

New Website Look & Blog

618be8f5fb7e7a0d849a06d4d0d6a247If you click on my website in the menu bar above, you’ll see I’ve changed up the look of my website, and added a new blog to it.

Char’s Succulent Thoughts will be more of my author arena to post about book updates, giveaways, & random thoughts.

Joy in the Moments will lean more to book reviewing. At least, that’s what I’m thinking at the moment. We’ll see how things pan out, right?

Package Deal available for Pre-Order

Package Deal-Final (2)Last little tidbit to ring in the New Year is….

Package Deal will release January 10th.

I’m super excited for you to read this second book in the Ruled Out Romances. It was a blast to write, and I really, really love Hudson & Spring in this story. Spring really is an angel. Little Emma’s adorable and annoying (like any good toddler should be). Don’t you love her shoes on the cover?

I hope you’ll enjoy this. If you’re interested in being an early reader in exchange for leaving a review on Amazon, shoot me an email from the contact page and we’ll talk (Ebook only).

Have a Happy New Year!

I’ll talk to you next year.





12 thoughts on “Favorites Books for 2017

  1. Another book already? Wow, you’re amazing. Best of luck with it. I won’t commit to an early copy, because I’ve got so much on my plate right now, but you know I’ll check it out. Happy New Year to you!

      • It’s more of a time thing really. With it coming out in less than two weeks, I probably couldn’t get to it in time. I have two other books by author colleagues I should have finished by now. Yikes! But I look forward to it!

        • Yes, the time got away from me and I kept running into problems. That’s why I’m not going to hold anyone to having it done by release day. I meant to have this out early Dec and ARCs out in Nov. Ha ha. Live and learn. Hope you had a good Christmas. Did you get much snow? Our snowfall this year is pathetic. I don’t like snow, but I’m craving some (it’s that bad)

            • I’m sure I’ll feel the same way once we get a good storm. I’d just like the mountains to get socked. They’re looking pretty wimpy. It got up to almost 60 today. That just isn’t right when it’s a day away from January. Not that I’m complaining, except I am. 🙂

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