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I know it’s still October, but this book I just read held a collection of Christmas novellas set in England during the Regency period, and now I’m ready to turn on Christmas music and maybe decorate early. Only my laziness will stop me.

Christmas Grace is a collection by four well-known authors: Jennifer Moore (I’ve read a ton of her books), Anita Stansfield (same), Krista Lynne Jensen, and Chalon Linton. So even though they are novellas, which aren’t my first choice due to the short length, they were well done stories with great characters and fun snowy settings. The stories dealt with characters from different walks of life as well, not just English nobility. There is a nanny vicar, breadmaker, stable boy, as well as some lords and ladies.

My Review

This set of four novellas was everything I wanted in a Christmas collection–miracles, cheer, and lots of joy. I just wish it had come with hot wassail as well. These authors all did an excellent job creating characters I loved in a short amount of time (which is super hard to do with novellas) with settings rich with detail that helped me join their Christmas journey. I highly recommend this collection. It made me smile.

mooreJennifer Moore-Let Nothing You Dismay – Millie and Benedict (Ben) are childhood sweethearts who vow to elope before he heads off to join his dad in India. But 8 years later, they are still unwed due to a horrible misunderstanding.  The two come together in this second chance story, and it was poignant and touching. Moore did a good job, setting up characters that really spoke to me. I felt their emotional angst and loved the setting, dialogue, and plot. My only small gripe was it ended too fast (most novellas do). I like more closure and happily ever after shown to me. But novellas usually don’t give me that. This was so good, I wanted a full book length with these characters.

jensenKrysta Lynn Jensen–Christmas at Canterwood – A cute governess helps her young charges stir up the true meaning of Christmas, but needs help from the quiet, sober young vicar to keep things right before the Lord as they write and put on a Christmas play for the family. This one has quiet, subdued characters that were fun to watch and cheer for from the sidelines. When love is stirred up as well during this Christmas production, it’s fun to see the subtle sparks fly between the two characters.

stansfieldAnita Stansfield—Winter Angel—Joseph has noticed the pretty baker’s daughter who always delivers bread to the poor as he walks around town to get to his job. He feels grateful for sweet angels like her who work to relieve the suffering all around him. When his luck turns and he finds himself homeless and unable to help himself, his angel helps him, and what transpires between them as they get to know each other is a true Christmas miracle. Loved these two characters, and especially Mariah’s awesome father. Bravo.

lintonChalon Linton—Christmas Grace–Grace, widowed a year ago, determines to show respect to her dead husband by continuing his charitable Christmas traditions in their home village. She braves storm and snow to head home, but a carriage accident turns her fate a different direction, to a bachelor named Gordon who comes to her aid. I loved seeing their hearts knit together through this sweet story, and loved the ending where I was seeing stars.

4 DeliciousI rated this 5 on Amazon, 5 on Goodreads, and 4 on my Sweet Scale. It was delicious to read and left me with a good theme to ponder on as Christmas draws closer. If stories were longer, I’d give it a 5. Not many novellas get 5 on my critical Sweet Scale. But my Sweet Scale is to divide awesome 4 or 5 books that I love into even more categories. So 4 on that is incredibly good.

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