The Inventive Bride

InventiveBride_SM (1)Okay, I feel like I’ve blabbed a LOT about my book lately. Now it’s time to blab about someone else’s book. This new release by Maria Hoagland tickled my fancy and was a definite winner. No fixing up to do with this story. It’s just fine as it is. More than fine, really. Here’s the blurb:

Frankie understands the inner workings of clocks and pianos–but dating? Well, that’s a bit more complicated.

Looking to move on after his wife’s death, Dr. Logan Wells relocates his optometry practice to Wyoming, home of his favorite childhood memories. By doing so, he incurs the wrath of his former mother-in-law who threatens to sue for custody of his ten-year-old daughter, Harper. Despite the lawsuit hanging over him, Logan is determined to find joy for the two of them as they settle in the idyllic small town of Cobble Creek.

Local business owner, Frankie Lawson knows the inner workings of clocks and pianos, but not those of her own heart. She’s never been one to shy away from a project–unless that project is a romantic relationship for herself. A pro matchmaker of antiques and owners, she tries her hand at fixing up Dr. Wells with an old friend. The trouble begins when she realizes she’s made the wrong match and Logan was meant for her.

My Review

5 DecadentThis book is definitely Decadent (just like the piece of the real cheesecake in my fridge I just slivered off of–but don’t tell!). I loved the characters in this Wyoming-setting contemporary romance. Logan is a single father determined to move from Denver with his ten-year-old daughter to a small town in Wyoming to start over again and jump-start their lives. When he opens his new Optometry practice, he’s disgruntled to find that the business next door—Frank & Signs (Ha! I love the play on words in this name)—looks like a junk yard. But as he gets to know his new neighbor, Frankie Lawson, he discovers her country charm and addicting zest for life might be just what he needs. They’re so adorable.

This was a well-written romance, with tons of heart tug-of-war-ing going on during each chapter. I loved the small town setting, and Frankie’s love of fixing up things is endearing. I also loved the similes woven into the scenes to make this story come to life. I inhaled this book once I started, and smiled right through to the end. I highly recommend this one.

This is part of a series written by different authors. I’ve read another one–The Horse Trainer, the Buyer & the Bride by Erica Penrod–and it was pretty good. There are others out as well, but I haven’t gotten to read all those yet. But if you’re needing a bunch of good country books to read, this set seems like a fun one. And DEFINITELY you should check out The Inventive Bride. So cute! I can’t say enough good about it.

You can check out more about Maria Hoagland and her other books HERE on her adorably cute website. Seriously. I’m in love with it.

Happy Reading!


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    • I agree. The boots are super adorable. This book was amazing. Loved the writing style and the characters, the setting, blah, blah, blah. I just loved everything.

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