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pinHello my favorite blog readers. I’ve made Pinterest boards for a couple of my new books coming out later this year. I love this part of the writing process…pinning pictures of who I think fits my characters and different settings to help me write true and not change hair color of something trivial like that. Those kind of small mistakes can bug readers big time. Here are the links so you can check out visual ideas for the characters and settings in Game Changer and Package Deal.

Also, I have two new polls to vote on today. My third book didn’t have a true winner last time I tested titles, so there are new titles for your input.

Also, I’d like your help to whittle down good titles for Book 5 in the Ruled Out Romance series. Vote for which title catches your attention first.

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Book 1 in the Ruled Out Romances (Game Changer–you voted and your title won by a long shot) should be ready for release at the end of September if everything goes smoothly. Package Deal (Book 2–also voted best title by a landslide by all of you) should be out in November or December.

Thanks again for your help. Your input is invaluable. Enjoy the rest of your summer.


9 thoughts on “Pinterest & Polls

  1. Just voted – these polls are fun. It can be hard to decide – a lot of it probably depends on the mood you’re in when you hear them. I still don’t do Pininterest or Instagram. I probably should someday but I’m afraid if I spend more time on social media, I’ll never get any writing done.

    • Thanks for voting. I agree that social media can take lots of time away from writing. I do the ones that seem to fit me. Pinterest helps me write actually. I have to visually see my characters and places, so i make secret boards for a few months as I Pin pictures of ideas and then over the writing process I narrow down my picks and when I get to the editing part where I make sure characters and settings are consistent, I open my boards as I write so I can see who or what I’m writing about. I like it for that. Then at that point (a month or so before publishing, I’ll make the board public so others can see if they want).

        • I figure do what works for you. If you don’t need it, no sense adding stress to your life. I have Twitter but hardly ever work it because it just isn’t a good fit for me yet. Maybe it never will be.

  2. Voted! Love these polls and I love that I can see the results right away.
    You are on a roll with writing! So excited for your new books!

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