An Inconvenient Romance

an-inconvenient-romance-bannerThis week’s feature book is An Inconvenient Romance by Chalon Linton. I’ve never read any books by this author–it might be her debut book–but I was thoroughly impressed and am honored to participate in this blog tour. This is a Regency romance set in England in the 1800’s. Here’s the synopsis:

The countryside of England provided an idyllic backdrop for Charles Brumley’s and Leah Hastings’s childhood. Neighbors and best friends, the pair passed many happy days racing through the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Everything was perfect—until Charles ruined it all and abandoned Leah for university. Six years later, the former friends are thrust into each other’s paths once more. Leah had been looking forward to the ball, an opportunity to further her acquaintance with the handsome Mr. Wilkins—but when she sees Charles’s familiar face through the crowd, her traitorous heart leaps. Charles faces his own struggle: he has loved Leah since he was fifteen years old, yet it seems he is too late—it appears that her affections are otherwise engaged. As the pair tentatively renews their friendship, the spark between them is undeniable. After so many years apart, Leah endeavors to reconcile her feelings toward her once cherished companion. But when a conniving rival for Charles’s attention approaches Leah, the threat is clear: give up her association with Charles or a devastating secret about her family will be revealed. Faced with an impossible decision, Leah must make a choice—the ruin of her family or the ruin of her heart?

My Review

4 Delicious.2Leah and Charles have been childhood friends forever, but when Charles leaves for Cambridge for six years, Leah feels abandoned and tries to protect her heart by moving on from her childhood ‘crush.’ But when Charles hears that a certain army captain is paying her specific attention, he races home to proclaim his love and devotion for her. But it might be too late. I really loved this book. It’s told from the point of view of both Leah and Charles and really tugged at my heart. The characterization is done well, and I really liked the plot twists and emotional appeal. I finished it in two days because I couldn’t put it down once I started. I rated this a 5 on Goodreads and Amazon and a 4 on my highly critical Sweet Scale. It was Delicious like a cinnamon roll, and I will want to revisit its pages in the future for certain.


The publisher is giving away a copy of this awesome book and Amazon cash, so enter  a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win. I really loved this book…so I hope your name is picked. Have a super week and enjoy every moment. Check out some of the sites below to learn more about this book and author. Happy reading!


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  1. Sounds like a good one – thank you for letting us know about this chance to travel to the English countryside! It could be the perfect escape for snowbound reading.

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