How I met your brother

bookI didn’t really meet YOUR brother necessarily, but I did read a book about someone else meeting someone else’s brother. You get that?

Before November ends, I wanted to review this month’s Power of the Matchmaker book–How I Met Your Brother, by Janette Rallison. I’ve read a few of her books before and enjoyed them, but this was definitely my favorite so far. I have really enjoyed reading these Matchmaker books this year. This group of authors did a bang-up job at creating awesome books from different time periods and places all centered around a Chinese Matchmaker, Pearl (who I love).

My Review

5 DecadentI read this book during Thanksgiving break…and seriously, it was almost better than all the turkey and stuffing. Decadent! Isabelle is a fashion designer who discovers that her long lost love from college—Dawson—is recently divorced and heading to Cancun for a family reunion. When the idea is planted in her head to meet him there, she jumps on it and determines to regain what she once was too cowardly to fight for. She has always held a candle in her heart for Dawson and regrets letting her roommate steal him from her back in college.

Time has changed her. She isn’t the ugly awkward duckling she was back in college. Now she is a beautiful, confident, and successful woman…who is ready to fight for her man. The only problem for Belle is that Dawson’s twin brother doesn’t think his brother is ready to move on yet. He thinks maybe his brother jumped the gun and divorced too soon, and doesn’t want some new woman moving in and seducing him from getting back together with his ex-wife. So he’ll go to great lengths to keep the beautiful Belle from getting close to his brother.

This had great twists and turns and romance out the wazoo. I couldn’t put it down once I started and gobbled it up faster than Thanksgiving dinner. This is part of the Power of the Matchmaker series…and I absolutely loved it. It’s a winner.

I hope your Thanksgiving was delicious and awesome, and that your eyes were open to all the blessings surrounding you. This life is great!



6 thoughts on “How I met your brother

  1. That sounds like a good one! I haven’t heard of the Matchmaker books – do you think it’s better to read them in order or can you skip around? I’m glad you had a fun Thanksgiving!

    • They are totally stand-alone books. Some are regency period, this one was contemporary. All so different, yet the matchmaker peeks into each story, so you can read whatever order you want.

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