To Win a Lady’s Heart

to-win-a-ladys-heart-bannerI’ve read several good books this month (of which I’ll post more about later). But today, I want to highlight a medieval, clean romance for part of Sian Ann Bessey’s blog tour.

My review:

To Win a Lady’s Heart starts out with a heartbreaking scene that set the tone for the rest of the book. Lady Joanna is kind and good, yet she is guarded by her father’s wolfhound and never given any freedom or touch of concern except from her lady’s maid and Agnes, the healer who was banished from the castle years ago. When she finds a wounded man on the cliff trail as she sneeks away from the castle, she seeks Agnes’s help to care for him. Wool goes missing and her father announces that her hand in marriage will be given to the winner of the archery contest Moreland will host soon. Lady Joanna is distraught to be seen as an object instead of a person by her father and the knights entering the contest. It seems that her life is crumbling out beneath her.

3 YummyThe things I loved about this enchanting tale were the great setting in medieval England along the rainy cliffs near Moreland. Medieval fiction is fun because there are castles, warrior knights, the poor women who must be strong in that world, and lots of action. The characters were great too, with many layers to peel away to discover the gems inside. The plot had nice twists and mysteries to solve, as well as lots of action. The budding romance between Joanna and the handsome stranger from Cornwall was sweet too. Overall, this was a great treat to read. A high solid 4 on Amazon and Goodreads, and a 3 on my Sweet Scale.

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  1. I love the sound of the setting too – it sounds like it could be a fairytale. I’m glad you’re enjoying those cookies and hope you’re feeling better these days!

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