Waves of life

DSC03586Have you ever noticed that life comes at you in waves? You’ll experience waves of joyful moments and then some stronger waves of pain might wash in, sweeping you off your feet and dragging you through the sand and whipping you around as you choke and try to get your head above water.

We experience both kinds of waves in life–the fun ones we can play and surf in, and the tidal waves that wring almost everything out of us.

Fall brought several rogue waves into my life. You can read more about them on my other BLOG if you want. But what I learned is that kindness trumps all, and that even bad times can bring blessings. We just have to open our eyes to see them.

In my book, Between Hope & the Highway, Liz comes to a realization that through her own tragedy, she has grown and learned lessons she couldn’t have learned any other way. She decides that she would never want to have that knowledge and growth taken away; and therefore, she would never want to change the past and wish for the tragedy to have never happened. She is who she is because of what happened to her–the good and the bad.

waveI feel the same. Never will I purposely pray for trials or hardships to come so I can grow. They are like ocean waves and will eventually surprise me whether I pray them here or not. But I believe that good can always come from everything we experience if we partner up with God. He will pull us through the waves of life–the happy, playful ones and the frightening rogue ones that threaten to destroy us.

Here’s hoping you aren’t tumbling about in a churning wave of grief at the moment. Eventually you will, and I hope you’ll reach out for help when you do. God is mighty to save. And if you’re lucky to be wading through fun waves right now…enjoy them, but keep your eyes open to reach out and help someone nearby that might be caught in a riptide. The kind hands that reached out to me over the last month have been deeply appreciated, and have helped get me on my feet again. Literally. Kindness is more powerful than the mightiest waves life can throw at us. It is contagious, because when you receive it, you want to share it. When you give it, you feel so good you want to give even more.




22 thoughts on “Waves of life

    • Thanks, Sheila. It helps to be aware that rogue waves will come eventually. Knowing that helps be a little more prepared when they sweep in and not think the end of the world is here. Hee hee.

    • Thanks, Kate. I hadn’t thought of that, but yeah, the election’s been a series of nasty tidal waves that suck the soul out of this country. What a nightmare.

    • Knowledge is power. Just knowing rogue waves can hit makes enjoying the fun waves that much more great. It’s when we take them for granted that we miss out.

  1. Sorry you’ve had such struggles this year! The wave analogy is a great one because the ocean can be both wonderful and fun, as well as dangerous and destructive. Sending lots of good wishes your way as you continue to find the good coming out of the bad.

  2. Hi Charissa! I hope you are doing better! I tried to comment yesterday, but the site kept telling me there was an error. I wish I could have been there to help you recover, visit with you, and help lift your spirits. But I’m glad you have lots of wonderful family and friends surrounding you. I hope there are no more rogue waves heading your way and that this will be a time of peace for you and yours!

  3. Computers and their errors (another whole set of waves I don’t want to talk about). I’m improving each day and getting more energy…so that’s exciting. I’m taking it easy and trying to give my body a good chance to recover fully. I don’t want to push it and walk weird or something. Hee hee.

  4. This was an absolutely beautiful post, Charissa. You are such a woman full of grace, gratitude and resilience. It shows in your words, and it beams in your life.
    This is exactly what I needed today – I’ll be sending to some friends, too 🙂 xoxoxo

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