Tour de Highway–Texas


Yesterday we had a pit-stop in Lubbock, Texas, where Maria Hoagland highlighted my book. If you haven’t stopped by already, do so and enter the giveaway for a chance to win a copy of my book.

Today we’ve traveled a little farther through Texas on our biking book tour to Taylor Dean’s hometown. She’s interviewing me and providing a sneak peak into Between Hope & the Highway by providing an excerpt for you to read. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for cheering me and my book along on this endurance race all over the country. With fans like you, we can’t go wrong. Now join us over at Taylor’s site.


7 thoughts on “Tour de Highway–Texas

    • I’ve noticed a lack of everything “Vanessa” lately. Glad you’re back, and hope the other projects went well. My daughter has been reading that refugee book you reviewed on your site and really liking it.

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