A Place for Miss Snow

A Place for Miss Snow BannerTime for another book review. Another one by Jennifer Moore, one of my favorite authors. This story comes to you from the Greek islands in the Regency time period.


Miss Diana Snow is a chaperone for a younger girl as they vacation to Greece. When a charming man named Alexandros barges in on their outdoor luncheon to chat with them and gain introductions, and then just as mysteriously disappears, she can’t stop thinking about him. When she chances to see him again, it is at night and she follows him to return his handkerchief. But she gets more than she bargains for when she is captured by pirates and taken hostage. The man she thought was such a gentleman isn’t who he seemed. As her fate becomes wrapped up in the powerful pirate family’s, and through them—Alex, her heart is tugged all sorts of ways as she tries to find a place where she fits into life.

My review:

4 DeliciousThis story had intrigue, action, scenes of the heart, and mystery. All the ingredients for a delicious tale. The setting in the Greek islands and the history surrounding the Turkish empire’s hold over those countries was fascinating and heartbreaking. I hadn’t known any of that before, so enjoyed the historical side to the story. I really liked the characters too, as well as the fact that it was clean, suspenseful, and romantic all wrapped up in one solid piece of writing. I rated it a 5 on Amazon, high 4 on Goodreads and a solid 4 on my Sweet Scale. If you’re looking for a fun read, this is a good one.


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