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Let my people go . . .

That’s the central message of the conclusion to the Moses Chronicles by H.B. Moore. The first two books dealt with Moses’s life in Egypt and then his time in the wilderness after he flees Egypt.

This book takes Moses back to Egypt as he receives his calling from the Lord to free His people–the Hebrew slaves.

A plea has been made in behalf of the children of Israel. Now comes the epic climax years in the making—the final showdown between two of the most powerful men in history—one fueled by pride, the other guided by the word of God.

Moses has received an extraordinary call from the Lord: he is to lead the exodus of the Hebrew people out of Egypt, ending generations of bondage. And he must return to the land of his birth to boldly petition a man Moses does not want to challenge . . . or lose to: his cousin Ramses—pharaoh of Egypt. Ramses, harboring years of feeling betrayed by his best friend, is determined to stop Moses, no matter the cost. He will not yield, even as a dark veil of plagues and pestilence descends over the land of Egypt.

What follows is a powerful chronicle of the struggles of the children of Israel as they traverse uncharted territory, even spiritually. Amid the horrific catastrophes devastating their land and through the dramatic events that follow, the Hebrews must face their fears and their faltering faith. For even in the darkest of times, there are manifestations of the Lord’s constant care to inspire their hope for a bright future.

My Review

This series has been a Yummy treat. I love when Bible stories are brought to life by talented authors, and Heather Moore does a great job in this genre. She really does her research on characters and time period and weaves them into a riveting story.

3yumThis book has lots of drama in it with all the plagues and pestilence sent forth by the Lord against the Egyptians. It was interesting food for thought as I considered how these would have affected the Hebrews at times also. I found the scenarios fascinating. There was a sweet romance woven into the tale between Moses’s Egyptian mother and a Hebrew scribe, (which was made up, but it made me happy). This is written and researched well. I rated it a 5 on Amazon, 4 on Goodreads, and 3 on my Sweet Scale (which only rates 4 and 5 star books). This was definitely Yummy.

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