Between Heaven & Earth

51vnl32f5ulAugust’s Matchmaker book is out and I thought I’d do a quick post to let you know about its awesomeness.

Between Heaven and Earth was a heart-tugger. Seriously. I need a cardiac surgeon to help fix mine. Hee hee. Mattie meets Matt, a widower who lost his wife to a tragic accident. Friendship comes easily to them. The only problem is she is still devoted to her husband, who has been in a care center for the last six years in a vegetative state since he was shot in the head. She’s alone in the world, yet not.

When she meets the mysterious Pearl in the care center and she tells Cassie she might be the only thing tying Devon to this earth and keeping her from moving on to experience joy, she is angry and casts the woman’s words from her mind. But her grief seems to become more than she can handle as her heart latches onto Matt and his two boys who need her and her son.

This was a unique story and I didn’t quite know what to think would happen at times as I read. I didn’t want Cassie to give up on her husband (hence, the heart that has gone through the gauntlet for me); yet Matt’s life was better with her and her son in it. Cassie seemed to have impossible choices to make, and either way, she would get hurt. Do you understand now why I hurt with her? I was glad it wasn’t me as the heroine having to face her challenges.

4 DeliciousThis one rated a 4 on my Sweet Scale. Delicious. I love reading about hard decisions of the heart and feel I’m a better person after doing so, having vicariously gone through the heartache of wondering and choosing, without literally having my heart smashed into the sidewalk. Perks of reading.

You might want to keep some Kleenex close by when you read this one, but it ends well (that’s all I’ll say). The author somehow pulled off an ending that satisfied me with regards to all the characters, which I wondered if she could do. Holmes is a great author.

Happy Reading!


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    • I like historical stories because they always make me consider some aspect of the whole plight that I had never thought of before-giving me a fuller picture and making me feel smarter (even if I’m not).

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