Settling in

DSC03841I’ve been in Utah for three weeks now. Most of my boxes are unpacked and I’m settling into my new house and area. It’s now time to get back to blogging and connecting with friends again. I love my new house, especially the views from the windows and deck. I’m falling in love with sitting outside in the evenings and watching the sunset. It’s spectacular and fills me with joy. The neighbors seems super nice. My kids are all together again in one place (at least until the end of the summer), and that is probably the best thing about moving states. I’m close to family again.

One of my new house guests is Bentley. He’s my married daughter’s English Retriever, and is a big sweetie. When they got him last year as a puppy, he was this size (just a baby polar bear).



Now he’s almost full-grown and is THIS SIZE! He’s my buddy since I’m home with him all day. They’ve trained him well, so he’s a good house guest and I’m enjoying him. When I try to write, he is like my Ginger used to be and tries to crowd under the desk with my feet to be close to me. It’s funny.


Bentley is famous on Instagram. He has over 15,000 followers, so if you want to join the crowd and see his complete cuteness, go HERE. He has the whole pleading puppy-dog eyes trick down perfect. When he wants to play, he might come over to me with 3 tennis balls in his mouth and give me eyes like this:


How can I say NO to that face? It’s impossible, I tell you.

I haven’t gotten any writing done for about 6 weeks. Moving is madness! But, as the title of this post says, I’m settling in slowly. Soon, my life might find a new normal so I can write like I want. I can tell you though that my next book is almost done. I’ve received feedback from my beta-readers and they seem to enjoy it. I’m super excited for you to read it this fall. I’m in love with the characters and story. Each time I edit and revise, it gets more perfect. Once I get a cover for it and all that other mumbo-jumbo that goes into publishing a book…I’ll let you know an exact release date (I’m shooting for end of September).

For now, I will end by letting you chill. Here’s my back deck and the view to the east. My camera doesn’t do it justice…but it is beautiful. My house backs up to a bird preserve, so we bought a pair of binoculars and have seen quite a few neat-o birds since we moved here. The pelicans are some of my favorites (though there aren’t any in this picture). My neighbors named the one who is here most days Henry…and he has several girlfriends who join him occasionally. Maybe I’ll get a good picture eventually, but don’t hold your breath. The awesome camera I wanted to buy is on hold until we finish our basement. Priorities. Sigh.


Enjoy the rest of your week. I’ll post about some super awesome books in a couple days. Until then…settle in and enjoy the view.







16 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. Oh Charissa….it does my heart good to “see” you peaceful in your new setting and having your love of nature fed so beautifully. I am happy for you and content to imagine you soaking up sunsets!

    • I’ll admit I miss Boise terribly, but I told myself I can’t compare here to there and I just have to be positive about my new home until I love it here. You’ve been all over the country lately, haven’t you? I’ve loved seeing your posts on Facebook of all the sites you’ve visited.

  2. Good for you! Your property looks wonderful! What a view! I’m so glad to hear you’re settling in and loving it. Pretty dog, too. I’ll have to follow him on Twitter! 😉

  3. I loved this, Charissa!
    I could feel the warmth of your heart and your home jumping off the screen. Bentley has Instagram?? What a sweet idea – I’ll hop over and find him.
    Thank you so much for sharing your home and your words. Most of all, thank you for the e-mails you send when you just seem to know. Your friendship is a precious gift. xo

    • Bentley definitely makes me smile. He’s a cutie. My views are getting closer to matching yours, right? Mountains in the distance…I just don’t have the crazy critters you do. Only pelicans.

  4. Can’t think of many better feelings than when you’re done moving and most things are unpacked and in place. Now comes the fun part–making your house a home! Cute doggie!

    • YEs! I hope to make it a home sooner rather than later. Doggie was making me laugh today. They put a flag jacket on him (with his front paws in the arms) and it was hilarious seeing him walking all around. Very patriotic.

  5. OMG – Bentley’s face has my heart melting 🙂 I am glad to hear you are settling in – beautiful place to settle in too. I am starting to do that myself in my new house in making it a home. Wishing you the BEST – Good Luck – Happy Day – Enjoy!

    • Isn’t he adorable. I’m loving him. Yes, I’m starting to settle in–it takes a while, as you well know. Each day cements my feet here a little stronger.

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