Moving on

Life has been crazy around here for the last few months. I sold my house in Idaho last month, but am renting it back from the new owner until my daughter graduates. My husband’s job is moving him to Utah this summer, so we’ve been driving there way too much looking for houses. We found one, and it officially closed today so that I can say I own it. Here’s a picture. Isn’t it cute? I like it, but there will be lots of work to do since it’s new (window coverings, landscaping, finishing the basement, and probably other things I haven’t thought of; ugh). I swore I’d never get a new house again…but I fell in love with this one when we came across it almost finished. Now I’ll swear again…that I will never get a new house after this. We’ll see if I listen to myself in the future.


This is the view out of my new office window. I’m kind of in love and can’t wait to get down there to use it. The house backs up to a bird preserve, and the few times we’ve gone to see it, the birds put on quite a show. I’m looking forward to being a spectator.


However, I will miss my Idaho home. It’s served my family well for the last 10 years. When we moved here, the yard was nothing but dirt (like my new one will be) and we got the full force of the sun in our west facing backyard. Over the years, we’ve planted trees and bushes to hide the neighbors and sun. I’ve planted iris starts from my Grandma’s yard and starts from other people’s yards that I picked up for free too. And now I’m leaving a lush paradise with hundreds of irises in bloom and other beautiful plants and trees I adore. It makes me sad, but I’m excited for the new adventure ahead of us.

Every place has their positives, and I love people who are passionate about where they live. My brother is that way. He’s moved a ton, and every time he gets to a new place, he makes it home and declares that nowhere else is as awesome as where he lives. Until he moves again…and then the next place becomes the most awesome place on earth. I like his attitude.



I’m going to dig up iris starts to take with me to beautify my unfinished backyard in Utah. They are all blooming right now and I am savoring their beauty and scent…and loving the new variations that are emerging. Here are some of my favorites (I counted 20 different kinds this year).


These purple ones are almost black, and they have the most velvety texture of all of them.


My blog might be slightly slacking for the next month or so as I pack up and move…and then unpack and try to make my new house a home.  It will be hectic and fun. I hope your summer is awesome. (Stay tuned for a review of May’s Matchmaker book next week…or when I get to it–it’s a good one).




33 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. The new house looks great, and no neighbours right on top of you. Fabulous view from the office window! Moving is almost always somewhat bittersweet isn’t it, sad to leave some things behind, but excited about the new adventure! I’m sure you’ll be very happy there. Good luck with the move and settling in!

  2. I have been thinking about you so much, Charissa. Seeking, finding, packing, moving – it’s emotionally and physically exhausting.
    I absolutely love the view out your new office window. Think how many stories will be inspired at that desk! I’m also chuckling at the notion of leaving flowers behind. Your iris photos were gorgeous! I would be right there with you. In fact, I remember putting in the contract in the sale of our first home, that I would come back and dig up the peonies in the fall so I could have them at our new place. They were starts from my husband’s grandma, and I couldn’t part with them!
    I have no doubt you’ll make this new home an amazing one for your family and for years to come. Sending you love and prayers as you move through to the next step. xo

    • That’s cute how you wrote it right into the contract. Luckily for me, the irises need dividing this year, so me taking a bunch won’t hurt the look of the landscape–it will improve it for the new owners next year. THanks again for your kind thoughts. You’re the best.

  3. Wow, that’s an incredible view. How inspiring it will be. Should get your creative juices going for sure.

    Your new house is lovely, and I’m sure you’ll have flowers growing in no time. Your pictures are beautiful.

    Best of luck with everything!

  4. I know so many people who are moving. Now you are added to the list. My daughter moved, both of my sisters are moving, a friend in my critique group moved. It seems like I should be packing things, too!

    Your new home is gorgeous and you have a blank page with the yard. By the looks of what you did with your present yard, it will be fabulous! I adore the idea of a bird sanctuary to look at, and those mountains. Wow! Good for you, and good luck!

    • I’m pretty excited about the mountains. They are high up on my list of pros about this move. The birds are fun to watch–hopefully they won’t see my house and yard as their playtoys. I have a love/hate relationship with birds as they have eaten all my fruit at this house and eaten through a window screen even–the little buggers. If they don’t poop all over my house and driveway, and if they stay away from my windows screens, I might enjoy them more fully.

  5. I am excited for all the good news in your move. And I will miss you! You and your family members are such givers…..whatever neighborhood gets you is really lucky.

    • You are too sweet. Thanks, Lora Dawn. The sad thing about moving is leaving wonderful people like you behind…but I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from you. Thanks for being a friend.

  6. Sad for you leave your beautiful house in Boise, but excited you’ll be so much closer to me now!!!!

    • That is what makes me most excited about this move, sis. I have been away from family a long time. It will be nice to be closer to a bunch of you now.

  7. I LOVE your new home, Charissa! It is beautiful! How exciting. Please post pictures of the inside as you get each room completed. I would love to see them! And the view from your office is amazing. I think you will sit there and write best sellers!!!

  8. What an absolutely fabulous view out your office window. Looks like a lovely house. I’ve always viewed new homes as a blank canvas…. it’ll be fun making it your own. Best wishes for a smooth transition.

  9. The new house is absolutely beautiful, Char and that view from your office window is awesome! Best of luck with the move and the planting – the garden will take off in no time 😀

  10. Love the new house and your current garden is amazing 🙂

    We had a bit of an emotional experience with a house a few years back and I discovered that I am home where ever my greatest someone/adventure partner is. We moved in 2013 as well as in 2015 and in 2016 – yes we probably need our heads examined – ha! We are homeowners again and the first month has been a bit exhausting, but we are making it home for ourselves. We thought we wanted maintenance free living and ended up back in a single family home with a pretty good size yard. Guess we should have not sold the lawn mower, weed whacker, leaf blower, etc.

    Hang On for the Adventure Sweetie – Cannot wait to hear and see what you do and get up to in your new place – Enjoy!

    • Wow, I’m tired just reading how many times you moved. Good for you for keeping being so chipper through it all. Yeah, it’s sad when you throw something away or donate it only to need it not long after. Sigh. Maybe this one will be home for longer than two years for you…crossing fingers.

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