Between Here and There

MC_Drei-Finger-FaultierI am just realizing (or admitting) that I have taken quite a long break from my blog in April. Since this month ends this week, I thought I better post once more to break my sloth blogging cycle and update you on my writing status.

Yes, I have been busy…just not with blogging. I have read great books. I have tried to write a great book, and between here and there…I am finally getting somewhere. How’s that for non-specific?

My 4th book, Between Hope and the Highway, is finished and out to beta-readers to look over for holes, flaws, and fun things like that. This stage is a little terrifying for me as a writer because I hand over my creation and hope it isn’t the Ugly Baby from Seinfeld.

“Oh, that’s…so readable.” or

“Oh! [said with enthusiasm until they read the first few chapters and then their face falls and they continue] “This is so…book-like.”

And then when my beta-readers meet together when I’m not there, they speak the truth.

“Was that the worst story you’ve ever read, or what?”

[Nods vigorously] “It was like a Pekinese.”


I’m trying not to think about it for a while. But I promise, come what may (unless everyone out there hates it), I will release it this fall.Β You might wonder why I don’t get it out earlier since it’s done…and here is why:

  1. I need time to get a cover done.
  2. I’m moving out of state and don’t want to promise anything besides just getting my house packed up and loaded into another one.
  3. I want to spend some time setting up some marketing BEFORE its release (which I haven’t done on my other books, and my sales show that)
  4. I want to have early readers go over the more polished version in August before release date (If you would like to get an early copy, let me know in the comments or my contact page so I can put you on my list. In exchange for an early copy of the book, you promise to write up a review (short or long) to upload to Amazon and Goodreads on release day.)
  5. I want time to format it for print (which takes longer than digital)
  6. I need to come up with a short blurb (which surprisingly is more difficult for me to do than writing a whole novel)
  7. I need to make a book trailer
  8. I want to eat lots of chocolate (I don’t know how that relates, but hey, it’s chocolate)

no quitter

Here’s a sample cover I did up for an idea (but I need cowboy boots instead of sneakers since my heroine’s a cowgirl). Still, I’m kind of tickled about this idea if I can make it work.

Hope Sample

I will try not to be so sloth-like with blogging in the next couple months…but between here and there, with a mountain of boxes in between, things could get a little sketchy. Just saying.

Peace out…or happy reading (whichever farewell you like best).


37 thoughts on “Between Here and There

  1. Ooooo!!!! I slurped your post up like a chocolate shake!
    Love the title, and the cover (but definitely with boots!!)
    I would love to be an early reader, and August looks good.
    And how ironic is it that I’m listening to a pod cast this morning on self-publishing and marketing?
    You got it going on, sister! There is no sloth in your step. Let me know if you need help anywhere. Xo

    • Thanks, Michelle. I’ll put you down to send an early copy. That’s funny about your podcast. If I could start over as a writer, I’d wait to publish until after I had three books completely finished and then let them out every 3 months while I worked on finishing a 4th…while marketing heavily during that first year. Oh well. Live and learn.

  2. I REALLY like that cover! And I can see it working just as well with cowboy boots! Good luck with the next steps in the book creation/release (you’re wise not to rush through them).

  3. Oh boy! Lots of comments. Where are you moving? I like the cover! The title is good, too! I’d be an early reader for you if you want. I love sloths! I’m glad you blogged! I’ve missed it. You are so busy!! Looking forward to that book!

  4. Congrats on making it to the beta reader stage. That’s exciting. And yes, scary. I will be in that phase too hopefully by mid-May.

    What genre is this one? The sample cover looks great! Wish I could make something look that nice.

    • Yea! I’m excited for you too. This genre isn’t romantic suspense like the last ones; it’s just contemporary romance (I’ll probably never write anything but clean romance since that’s what I love reading). You could probably make a cover like that with Canva–it makes it pretty easy.

  5. The list to get ready for a release is endless! So much work goes into publishing a book and it’s all behind the scenes. Sometimes I wonder if readers realize how much an author has agonized over every single sentence. I didn’t realize it until I started writing. It truly is hard work. But you did it! Congrats! I’ve started reading your book and I love it so far! I love the cover as well, but understand why you want cowboy boots. BTW, I write my books in a 5×8 Create Space manuscript. By the time I’m done writing, the book is already formatted for print and I just upload to Create Space. But I don’t do the digital version myself. I send the Create Space manuscript to an ebook formatter who turns it into a mobi file for me. To me, the digital version is harder!! You’ll have to tell me how you do it!

  6. Love the Cover of the Book – check out Ree Drummond’s site Pioneer Women she rocks the colorful and beautiful cowboy boots if you need some examples for your book cover πŸ™‚ Good Luck in packing up and heading out too. That is not an easy process – did that in 2015 and just recently in 2016 – done moving for a bit. Happy Weekend – Enjoy πŸ™‚

  7. Nothing like moving while trying to write, publish, market — not that I’ve done it, I’m just horrified for you! πŸ˜‰ I hope where you’re moving inspires you as much as your current location does. You always seem to have such lovely things to say about where you live.

    Awesome cover — I recognize Canva in there, yes? I use Canva too. I like the idea of cowgirl boots; I bet that would look nice!

    Good luck with all you’re doing!

    • I’m excited for the next place, but sad to leave Boise area. It’s nice here. Yes, it was Canva. I love how easy they are to use. I’m hoping I can get some pics taken with cowboy boots soon

  8. Moving, marketing, editing, writing…. You have yourself a full plate there, Charissa! The cover looks fantastic, and the cowboy boots would make a great statement.

    Best wishes to get through everything before, during, and after the move!

    • You’ve been here and done this. Now I know your pain (just a little). I’m sure in a month, I’ll know it a LOT. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your life is running smooth.

  9. I think I’ll copy your list and use it for me (except for the moving part – I did that 18 months ago and at least survived to tell about it). I’m writing my 3rd book and far away from getting beta readers yet, but I’ve just re-edited my 2nd book (which is an e-book) to publish it as a paperback. I HATE the formatting part (which I’m doing now – ughhhhh) but I love the edits I’ve done. I need to figure out the promotion part now. Like I said, I may use your list. πŸ™‚ I write romantic suspense, btw. Okay, off to look for some chocolate…

    • Well, I’m glad you lived to tell the tale (after moving). Hopefully I’ll come out on top eventually too after this summer. I hear you on the formatting. My first books I formatted for paperback took so many dang hours to figure out; ick. I have purchased Scrivener since then and it has made it a touch easier (once I learned the program through Youtube tutorials and stuff), but it’s still a pain. Good luck with getting it done. My first 3 books are romantic suspense too; this next book will just be contemporary romance though. I tend to enjoy the lighter romances when I read, so thought I’d stick to those more in the future. Nice to meet you–pass me some chocolate when you find some.

  10. I am truly going to miss you living g down the streey, not that we saw each other lots, but still, I will miss you.

    I would love to read and review your new romance novel.

    • I will miss you too. Just knowing you have good people nearby even if you don’t stop by and chat daily provides a sense of peace that will take me a while to find again in my new area since I know no one. Thanks for being awesome, and I will put you down as an early reader. Thanks.

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