Lady Helen Finds Her Song

Lady Helen BannerThis newest story by Jennifer Moore was amazing. I’ve read a lot of her books, and they always make me smile. She writes great characters, fantastic settings, and believable romances that are usually set in the Regency period in the 1800’s.

Lady Helen Finds Her Song is set in 1813 in India. Lady Helen has just arrived in Calcutta with her mother and her new husband, Brigadier-General Stackhouse. She finds herself fascinated with the exotic splendors of India, but her fellow British expatriates make her feel stupid for being enamored with what, in their opinion, is a heathen, awful country full of disease, killer beasts, and a horrible climate. When she meets Captain Michael Rhodes, she finds a sympathetic spirit and feels safe in his company as they journey to different realms and she experiences more of India—the good and the bad. But there is also the dashing and much younger Lieutenant Arthur Bancroft who is competing for her attention.

This story’s setting is divine—so many colors, smells, sights and sounds to experience. The author is a master at transporting readers to a new time and place and immersing them in her characters’ world. I thoroughly loved this one and could hardly put it down once I started. It definitely is a 5 on my Sweet Factor. Decadent5Bravo Jennifer Moore for another masterfully done Regency romance. I highly recommend this one.

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14 thoughts on “Lady Helen Finds Her Song

  1. I love reading about India. I am a godmother to three Indian children (or ‘spiritual mother’ as they call me) here in Australia. I adore the place and any writing about it. Thanks for reviewing this and sharing it here, Char 😀

    • That’s so cool. A spiritual mother. It is such a one-of-a-kind setting that a book almost can’t help being good when it’s placed there.

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