Love at First Note

41uwifnb2ll-_sx332_bo1204203200_I have another sweet read to shout out about. This one has a delicious musical twist to it. Here’s the blurb:

Emma Hill was practically born with a violin in her hands. She lives for the life of the piece, for each song’s story, for the perfect stillness after the endnotes when the vibrations of sound are still humming through her body. If only her love life were that harmonic. But she knew her chances at love would take a hit when she decided to leave her prestigious concertmaster position in the Cleveland Orchestra and move back home to Asheville, North Carolina. She justifies her actions with the fact that being concertmaster for the Asheville Symphony is better than no dates and no job.

But when Emma’s world collides with piano-playing YouTube sensation Elliott Hart, she finds herself falling for the way he plucks at her heartstrings. Despite a—ahem—not-so-good first impression, the two soon develop the beginnings of a rhythmic relationship. But when Elliott insists they can’t be together, it’s up to Emma to strike up a little romance . Will she be able to bring their two worlds into harmony, or will she only manage to get herself in trouble?

My Review

4 Delicious.2Love at First Note was a delicious book I really enjoyed. The music background of the characters was especially fun to read since I LOVE music in all its forms, and the romantic tension between the two characters was adorable. The writing was great; the story had good pacing. I rated it a 5 on Amazon and Goodreads, and a 4 on my Sweet scale–cinnamon goodness all rolled up into the pages. I hope Jenny Proctor writes more. She’s a great author.

About the Author

81f1t35jzpl-_ux250_Jenny Proctor was born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a place she still resides and considers the loveliest on earth. She hikes to spend time with her family, runs because her love for food requires it, and writes because it keeps her calm in an otherwise crazy world. She believes that life in the south has a certain flair to it–and works to capture that flair in her novels. To learn more about Jenny, visit her webpage at



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  1. Another great cover. I’ve always wanted to learn to play the violin. Never got around to it. I barely play my piano anymore. I should spend less time at my computer keyboard and more time at my piano one.

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