Now and Always Yours

Now and Always Yours BennerToday’s spotlight book had a unique subject matter that intrigued me enough I had to read it. Now and Always Yours is a spin-off of Legally and Lawfully Yours, but can be a stand-alone. I didn’t read the first one and didn’t feel lost.

Greg is the main character in this book, and he is unique in that he just barely got released from prison, where he has served his time for several years and missed out on his children’s lives. He was incarcerated on drug charges, and is terrified to return to the real world, not knowing how he will make it or if he will prove he is the better man he believes himself to be now.

Shannon, his sister, and her husband, Phillip (from book 1) take Greg in and support him as he gets his feet under him again and attempts to become a good citizen and father. Seeing what ex-cons must face after returning to normal life is hard for me to swallow. I believe when a person serves their time in prison, they shouldn’t be continually punished for past crimes when they get out. Justice has been served. Society should make it easier for these people to fit in and want to be part of civilized society. But the opposite is true.

Anyway, I won’t rant. Greg meets Celia, his sister’s best friend, and a romance blooms between them. [You knew there had to be a romance in here if I wanted to read it.] The two of them have lots of insecurities (his with his rough past and her with an emotionally abusive father who always made her feel fat and ugly).

My Rating

3 YummyGoodreads: 4

Amazon: 4

My Sweet Scale: 3 (Yummy read)

What I like about Stansfield’s books are that they always take on hard issues that educate me as I read. I liked the characters and plot of Now and Always Yours. She’s a good writer and covers a lot of material in each of her books. This was no different.

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  1. I’ve read a few of her books and loved them. I’m sure I’d love this one as well. That is certainly a hard subject to tackle. Sounds interesting.

  2. I also admire writers who can take on tough social issues and write about them without coming across in the wrong way to readers. They get extra points in my book just for having the bravery to tackle the subject matter!

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