What the Goose? It’s a FREE deal.

2015-05-15 17.14.39We have lots of these beauties where I live. They can be majestic at times…and downright terrifying at others. When it’s mating season, don’t mess with them. I’ve had a male attack my van tire as I was driving down the street and he thought I was too close to his woman. I’ve also seen two male geese fighting in the air and knock into a lady ahead of me on the trail and about scare the bejeebers out of her (if you don’t know what bejeebers are…just wait until a goose attacks you and you’ll know EXACTLY what they are).

When I saw this goose proudly claiming this bench in my favorite park…I let him have it.

What the goose does any of this have to do with a FREE deal. Absolutely nothing. Geese just were on my mind for some weird reason (due to my son’s evil genius mind).


2015-05-31 18.28.00

What the goose!

He found a steal of a deal (I’m rolling my eyes as I say this) on 12 (that is TWELVE) plastic life-size geese that some hunter in our neighborhood put out in his garage sale. My son is not a hunter, but he saw much potential in these plasticized geese…ways to torment his mom, mostly.

2015-05-31 19.56.46

Honk! Come shower with me.

And so…he is the proud owner of geese, and I keep finding myself saying, “What the goose!” when one surprises me at odd times and places. The shower was horrifying.

Anyway, surprises can be nice at times (except when a goose takes up your shower), so I thought I’d launch a surprise of my own…a FREE one.


From today until Monday, you can click on over to Amazon and get my book for FREE if you haven’t read it. Or if you have, grab it again on your kindle or tell your friends or family to take advantage of this deal. I promise it is much better than a goose in the shower.

And if you wouldn’t mind also following my author page on Amazon, that would really cook my goose and make me happy. And you’ll get notifications in the future when future books are available.

2015-10-24 18.07.31

This isn’t cooked goose. It’s duck, which is close enough. And it was delicious!


So what are you waiting for–a goose to pop out of your pantry and honk at you? Go get your FREE copy of Eyes of Light today.

If you don’t, I might send my son over to your house with his geese to honk you (it’s way more terrifying than being haunted). He looks cute in this picture…but it’s an old one and he’s now 6 foot tall and sporting a few hairs on his upper lip at times which he thinks is pretty cool.


Have a super awesome happy Thursday…and a stupendous, joyous Valentines this weekend. May the geese be with you as you read.





14 thoughts on “What the Goose? It’s a FREE deal.

  1. We have a lot of geese around where I live too (well, not right now with the snow). They leave lots of little treats on the sidewalk for us…

    Best of luck with the promotion!

      • But I love when a momma goose (or momma duck) crosses the street with her little goslings (or ducklings). They take their time, and there’s no choice but to stop while cars pile up waiting for them to get to the other side. And you can’t help but smile. At least I can’t. It’s like, “Hey, life isn’t all about you humans. You can wait a few minutes for Nature to do her thing.” 🙂

    • That hissing sound they make as they lower their head and give you the evil eye is just downright shiver-inducing (and then scream and run inducing after that).

    • I wouldn’t go back north if I was them either. Much warmer down here. But yeah, they’re territorial little pills at times. I’ve seen one attack some cross country kids running by the canal a few times. It doesn’t like anyone going in its AREA.

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