51tg2btn5wsl-_sx311_bo1204203200_I have a deliciously sweet story to tell you about today. This one gives me warm fuzzies to review because I read it in the beta-phase and then again once it was published. I loved it both times, but the final version really nailed my devotion to the board. Jennifer Peel is a master at writing books just for me. I swear…she has this ultra-sensitive radar that signals in and finds my most favorite books button to push…and then she doesn’t just push that button once…but about eight times. Yeah. She’s that good.

All her books have hit that button in me, so she ranks in my favorite author category. Her stories have delightful characters that are fun, good-crazy, sweet and sassy. Her plots always make me smile because they snag my attention and then hang onto it tight…and I always am sad to see “The End” because I want to keep reading. Her writing style is crisp and clear, fun and witty. Seriously, I can’t think of anything I don’t like.

His Personal Relationship Manager is no different. It has all the above elements and really rocked the romance. Here’s the blurb:

Kenadie Marshall suffered the most public of humiliations, being left at the altar. Instead of wallowing in her misery, she makes it her mission to help others find true and lasting love, all while swearing off relationships for good. Between the software application she developed and a team of relationship managers, her brainchild, Binary Search, has an uncanny knack for choosing the perfect match almost every time.

Attractive and loveable Jason Hadley is taken with Kenadie Marshall from their first meeting. Determined to win her over, he does anything and everything he can think of, even if it means using her firm’s service and dating other women to stay close to her.

Will Kenadie realize she’s met her match before it’s too late? Or will Jason’s ploy go too far? Find out in His Personal Relationship Manager, a romantic comedy with an epic battle of wills.

My Review Book Rating Scale

Amazon – 5

Goodreads – 5

My Sweet Review – 5

Kenedie is a successful businesswoman who owns her own dating service—Binary Search. Yet, despite her professional success in helping others find love, she is vulnerable when it comes to affairs of her own heart and has built towering walls around it to protect herself.

5 DecadentPeel did an excellent job of making me connect with the characters. Kenedie is a cute heroine. Her thought processes made me smile, and sometimes outright laugh. Her best friend, Zander, is a hoot. That man is crazy, and I’m super excited that a future book will cast him as the main character. Jason is the perfect hero. I loved him…he’s so dang patient. Swoon!

I can’t praise this enough. Great characters…romantic plot that was like cheesecake to my heart. The story made me smile while I read it and grin like a fool after I finished. I highly recommend this one if you love to read great, clean, swoonworthy romance.

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10 thoughts on “His PRM

  1. It’s wonderful to find an author whose work we so much connect with. Finding a style we enjoy is like coming home every time they publish a new book. I feel that way about Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Millhone series.

  2. I’m right at the end of this book now! I love it too. Trouble in Loveland was my favorite, but now it might be this one. I can’t decide. I love her humor in books.

    • Yeah, her humor cracks me up. I can’t decide on one favorite. I really like House Divided and Professional Boundaries cracks me up for some reason. But I seem to just salivate over all her books, so they all could be my favorites at different times depending on my mood.

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