Hiking Zion

Picture 036It’s time to explore. I’ve posted about Zion before (because it’s one of my favorite places on earth), and thought I’d explore this place some more with you (since it’s cold outside and I’d like to dream of warmer places).

I’ve hiked Zion before in the winter, but it can get a little bit of snow and always ice. That, combined with the slick red rock, can make hiking treacherous. It’s still doable…but I usually do the flatter trails (like the Temple of Sinawava trail) because it’s hard to climb upward when your feet can’t gain any traction.

These pictures are from early summer a few years ago. Aren’t they beautiful? Have I mentioned I LOVE Zion?

I’m not going to go into a travelogue of my hike to Observation Point. You can read about it by clicking the link if you’re interested and want to make plans to hike it someday. I’m just going to meander through my memories and give you a small taste of how awesome this park is.

Picture 049Growing up, I hiked this park almost every time we visited my Grandpa and Grandma. The park wasn’t as crowded back then. We’d drive up for the day and grab a picnic bench and have a lunch. Mom and Grandma would stay by the river with the little kids while us older ones went exploring some new (or familiar) trail with Dad and Grandpa. We always had a blast.

When we did this trail a few years ago, my kids were so wee cute and energetic. Now they’re all grownup and I wonder…What the heck happened? Where did my wee cute little muggers go? My baby boy is now 6 feet tall and seems to be all legs and arms.


But I digress. This trail was pretty cool. We started at Weeping Rock (which anyone can do–it’s only 1/4 mile long). You can see by the pictures that this one becomes a little more strenuous of a hike. It eventually connects up with the East Rim trail–which is super strenuous, but I don’t believe we did that this day.

We did reach some dicey parts with chains along the rock cliffs that made my husband super nervous with the kids. Of course, the kids weren’t nervous. They thought they were mountain goats and hopped, skipped and naively climbed their way over the scary spots without even blinking their eyes and saying a Hail Mary.

I guess what I learned from Exploring today is that parents stress out a lot more than kids do. My kids (and my nieces) didn’t have any idea of the dangerous terrain they traversed that day. But that’s okay…because my husband had ultra-sharp danger senses to make up for their innocence and about had a heart attack watching out and keeping them from falling to their deaths that day. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dangerous–but there were chains attached to the rocky cliffs for a reason. I did use them). So thank goodness for Dads…who watch over us when we’re too stupid to do it ourselves.

ExcitingThis hike was gorgeous. It had a pretty steep ascent, but the views were spectacular of the park. Totally worth the wear and tear on my legs and feet.

What about you? Do you have any exciting places you’ve explored in the last couple years? Did you have to hold onto chains to get there?


21 thoughts on “Hiking Zion

  1. The words “chains” and “rock cliffs” in reference to hiking would probably steer me to the equivalent of a bunny trail! But with the beauty you have around you, I imagine it’s worth it. So gorgeous.

  2. The picture with the drop on one side makes me nervous. I’m not sure I could hike across that stretch of trail. The pic of the steps looks like a lot of fun and it makes me want to explore! I’ve never hiked in Zion, but it does look like a lot of fun.

    • Oh, it’s one of the most spectacular places on earth. My pics don’t do it justice. Every time I visit there, I think heaven will have to have some places colored like Zion.

  3. I don’t think I would have been brave enough to take my kids on something like that. Although it looks beautiful and some great exercise to boot! What a fun family excursion!

    • I didn’t really think it was that bad, but my husband didn’t like that one part for the kids. It wasn’t as dangerous as Angel’s Landing. That one someone dies on every year by falling off.

  4. I have hiked in Yosemite – always an adventure and an experience. I remember the one time I made it half way on the Panorama Trail and struggled to hike it down to the the valley. I later learned I hiked miles down on a sprained knee – not good – I did it though, but did not have much choice either – ha! I just kept thinking hot shower, food, drink, food, hot shower, drink over and over again. It is a good kind of sore once you body settles into it and if nothing else you sleep really well. Beautiful Post 🙂

  5. Hi Char!
    I only have one question. Do you love Zion??? 😉
    What a great post! It makes me long for the outdoors and some quality family time…maybe as soon as the snow melts.

  6. The terrain was nothing like Zion, but hiking along Hadrian’s Wall in northern England was an amazing trip for me. 🙂 I wish I had my Fitbit then because I really would’ve racked up the steps and stairs. Very beautiful scenery in a much more green and open style than Zion, but still breathtaking!

    • I bet it was gorgeous. I remember when you posted about your trip that everything looked so perfect for you. And yes! It’s fun to see those Fitbit data to feel so ACTIVE!

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