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Double Play Banner.jpgThis sports update is brought to you by…Me. Just kidding. I’m the last person you’d want a sports update from since I’m clueless about anything other than soccer.

Last year I reviewed Playing for Keeps by Renee Clark. That book made me laugh and learn lots about football. That it kept my attention despite the fact that it was a sports related romance was due to the author’s skill, not my football expertise. Her characters are unique and their dialogue is funny.

Double Play is a companion book to that one, and it took one of the side characters from Playing For Keeps–one that I didn’t like, mind you–and centered the story around her. When I realized that Sophie Pope was the heroine in this novel, I almost rolled my eyes. I mean…I really didn’t like her in Ty’s story in the first book. She was icky.

But this author outdid herself again by making me come to like Sophie–a huge challenge because I was quite biased toward her from the beginning. Sophie is one of those ‘mean’ girls. But Clark showed through this story that Sophie was deeper than anyone could see. Her bad traits had been strengthened by toxic relationships in the past that had damaged her self-esteem and pushed her to overcompensate in order to feel good about herself.

Anyway, this book didn’t have quite so much sports detail as the first one, but it does still have quite a bit of football and baseball lingo in it. This is David’s story too, and I absolutely loved him in Playing for Keeps. He’s a cool guy.

My Ratings:

Amazon: 5 / Goodreads: 4

3 YummyMy Sweet Rating: 3

Again, since this is a new rating scale this year, I must remind you that all the books I rate here on my blog will always be at least an Amazon 4 Rating (if I read something I’d rate lower, I’ll graciously tell the publisher or author that I don’t want to feature it on my blog).

But taking all the awesome 4 and 5 Star books from Amazon and rating them on my Sweet Scale, a 3 is actually a great score. So kudos (or Chocolate Chip Cookies) to author Renee Clark for writing an excellent book that made me understand and connect with a character I didn’t think I could like. Sophie became someone I cheered for by the end, and I’m happy with her growth and story ending.

So if you’re in need of an interesting, Yummy book, I’d recommend this one. The heroine will surprise you…but in a good way. The blog tour for Double Play ends today. Hurry and enter a Rafflecopter giveaway to have a chance to win this book for free (plus cash–yippee!).

And if you’re bored and want to visit new blogs that are part of this tour, I’ve included links below. Happy Reading!


8 thoughts on “Double Play

  1. It’s a true skill to make a reader like a character who is unlikeable at the beginning. Especially, the mean characters! I’m intrigued to read and see how she added the dimension. One of the many reasons I can’t write fiction. Now…give me the topic of football, and I’m blathering on all day. Thanks for another great review, another book to add to the list, and woo! hoo! Rafflecopter!!

  2. Awesome. I went to a volleyball game last week in Utah…and I loved it. But even though I mostly get the rules of that sport, sometimes I would clap and then have to sit on my hands in embarrassment because the other team had scored and I had clapped for the wrong team. Yeah…that’s me.

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