2015 Reading Summary

DSC07240-BReading is a huge part of my life. That, along with writing, is where a good portion of my time goes. As I looked over my Goodreads stats for 2015, I smiled as book images and memories came to mind. There are so many good books to read. I wish I had time to read even more than I did. There’s just a smorgasbord for my senses.

Year in Review

I read 117 books last year. That wasn’t as high as 2014, but I didn’t think it was half bad. Now before you feel bad about your reading compared to mine, I will admit that I’m a skimmer. That’s how I get through so many. And most of my books I read, as you will see below, are in a lighter genre (romance). I can’t skim non-fiction books; hence, I don’t read as many of those. I went through and figured out which genre each book I read belonged in, and here’s the final take:

87 Romance

  • 44 Contemporary
  • 13 Regency
  • 9 Historical
  • 7 Anthologies
  • 4 Medieval
  • 4 Western
  • 3 Suspense
  • 3 Novella

10 Paranormal

5 General FictionStill Time by Maria Hoagland was a stand-out in this area. The book dealt with a woman caring for her mother with Alzheimers

4 Young Adult

2 Memoirs

2 Historical

2 MysteriesFlames of Rosewood by my writer friend, Gina Barlean, kept me on the edge of my seat in this genre.

2 DystopianRebecca Belliston did an excellent job on her 2nd in her Citizens of Logan Pond series–Liberty. I can’t wait for the final book to come out (crossing my fingers for this year).

1 Humorous

1 Children’s

1 Thriller – Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin set me back with my fingernails. None were left after I finished this exciting read. This story left me pondering obesity in our nation long after I put it down, even though it was about a psychotic serial killer targeting such people. I love when books teach me something, and Rubin really did her research and shared it in a very non-boring, nail-biting way.


Decadent5It’s hard to choose favorites because I like a TON of books, and all for different reasons. Maybe one is my favorite romance, another I like because of the characters, another for just the words alone, and yet another for the riveting plot. So here is my list of favorites I read in 2015 (they could have been published earlier—I don’t keep track of things like that). There are definitely more, but these stood out to me. 

  1. The Evolution of Thomas Hall by Kieth Merrill
  2. These is My Words & Sarah’s Quilt by Nancy Turner
  3. Horstberg Saga by Elizabeth D. Michaels
  4. Met and read all of new author-Jennifer Peel’s booksHouse Divided, Professional Boundaries, The Girl in Seat 24B, Other Side of the Wall, Trouble in Loveland, Jessie Belle,
  5. The Husband Maker series Karey White
  6. An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Series by Chanda Hahn
  7. Maze Runner by James Dashner
  8. Rules in Rome A.L.Sowards
  9. Song of David by Amy Harmon
  10. Girl of Mine by Taylor Dean & her new one due out this summer—Chasing Fireflies (I beta-read this, so it’s not in my count, but it’s seriously A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! I can’t wait for you to read it. Probably one of my favorites she’s written so far.

That’s my 2015 Reading Year in Review. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me with books. What about you? Did you read some awesome books last year? Are you excited to read more? YEA!!! Join the crowd.



35 thoughts on “2015 Reading Summary

  1. 117 books–wowsa. I’m just the opposite of a skimmer so I was happy with my 50. And you’re such a diverse reader–even some westerns in there!

    Thank you so much for mentioning my book. I’m thrilled to be the lone thriller on your list as well as to be included on the same page as these wonderful books. Thanks, Char and happy weekend to you!

    (And yay, I got a pingback, so my blogger’s ears were buzzing. 🙂 )

    • Yeah, I pinged you because of your sweet lesson a few weeks back. Thanks for the reminder tip. And I’m glad to have friends who write in different genres to make me branch out occasionally. Your thriller stuck with me a long time because of the subject matter. Any books in the works for the future?

  2. 117–Awesome! I saw the goodreads year in review for several friends and thought it was so cool. But then I tried to do mine and none came up, because I hadn’t been marking the date read feature. I’m still a little sad about it, but not sad enough to go back and add the date. But I have a “read-in-2015” shelf and it’s got 82 books on it. (That’s higher than average for me, courtesy of a nursing baby.) My 2016 shelf just has one lonely book so far, but I’m looking forward to all the books I plan to read this year! Thanks for including my book in your 2015 reading!

    • You’re welcome. Nursing babies are very supportive of reading mothers. 82 is a number to be proud of. Knowing you, there are probably lots of nonfiction histories in that number that you researched for your books.

      • I did a little counting:
        2 cookbooks (don’t know if those really count, but I at least skimmed them)
        3 nonfiction (that don’t fit into other categories)
        13 religion/ensigns
        28 history books (one of those wasn’t really a history book, but I read it for its historical value)
        37 novels
        (I had forgotten to list an Ensign, so I actually read 83. Yay for remembering more books! Or magazines.)

        • Oh, yeah. I could throw on some Ensigns and other church books. I forgot about those since I don’t usually review them. Good job. Those history books are meaty. Do you only read the ones related to history you want to write about?

          • Most of the history books are related to the novels I write, but not all of them. I could skim more of them and save some time, but I find so many interesting tidbits when I read the whole thing.

            What do you think your count for the year is if you add in church books and magazines? (Maybe I should add in all the books I read to my kids. Especially those Dick and Jane books the twins bring home from kindergarten, haha!)

            • Off the top of my head, I’d say I could throw in 3-4 books read all the way through. I always skim titles, but don’t always read every article. I’d totally count kid books since you probably read them 100 times before they’re content.

              • Hehe, maybe I’ll start reviewing my favorite children’s books. We got a great Star Wars book for Christmas. It’s not technically a kids book, but my kids were immediately obsessed with it . . .

                • Smart kids. Star Wars is the best. I bought my brother and his kids a Star Wars cookbook for Christmas that looked like so much fun. I kind of wish we lived closer so I could try out some of the recipes.

                  • A Star Wars cookbook sounds fun . . . as long as it’s not based on things they eat in the movies (cause I can’t think of anything they eat that looks good. Maybe the bar Leia shares with the ewok.) Speaking of Star Wars and cooking, the twins are requesting a BB8 birthday cake this year. Last year we did the barbie cakes with Anna and Elsa dolls. A 2D BB8 cake actually sounds more manageable. (I’m not even going to try any of the fancy sphere cake ones I saw on Pinterest. I love my kids . . . but I know my limitations when it comes to being creative in the kitchen.)

                    • I’m with you. 2D definitely sounds easier than 3D. Pinterest people can be crazy talented sometimes. I’ve learned my limits…and my BB8 cake would be a round cake with a BB8 toy on it. I don’t think I even have the ability to write Happy Birthday without making a big blob somewhere…so the toy would have to do it for my kids.

                    • I like that idea. Maybe I should just make cupcakes and put Star Wars action figures on top. Then they get action figures too.

                      Yes, there are a lot of extremely talented people on Pinterest. I’m not one of them.

  3. I’m impressed with how many you read. I should start keeping track. I really don’t know how many I read. Organization in not my forte. Thank you SO much for mentioning my book. I’m so glad you are a reader of mine. I still think about your books. Great characters and plots. Thank you for all you do, Char!

    • Thank you, Gina. You are the best. I used to not keep track of books either, but my book group friends kept bugging me to get on Goodreads, and I have to admit, I like throwing on a small review when I finish a book and have shelves I can look at to remember the books I read (since they disappear somewhere in my brain and I don’t recall them again if not for being written down). It’s like Facebook for readers…which is awesome.

  4. I love how many books you read. That’s amazing, and you’re reading so many genres, too, which is awesome. Thanks for mentioning LIBERTY. So glad you liked it!!! I hope also you’re writing in the midst of all this reading, because you have a talent with that as well. 🙂 Stay warm!!!

  5. Yikes, you beat me, that’s for sure! Although, in my defense, I read the first 4 books of George RR Martin’s Ice and Fire series this year. So, maybe that’s close to 117 when you consider page count???

  6. Wow, even skimming, 117 is a lot of books in one year! I know I read more in 2015 than in recent years, but nowhere close to your numbers—or diversity of genres!

  7. I am hanging my head in shame. I think I read 15 books last year. I aim for 40. But the writing and promoting took up so much time. I wanted to escape into tv when I had free time. I did get through 5 books in December and I’m trying to read 3-4 a month this year. You’re definitely inspiring me to read more!

    • Believe me, I don’t read this much every year. There have been years where I was more around the 40 mark. And that isn’t anything to be ashamed about. Depending on the books, 40 can be a challenge. So don’t hang your head. Shout out that 40 loud and proud.

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