Three Little Words

SWEETIt’s time for a Sweet Story Review. During the holiday break, I received a paperback copy of Three Little Words. This cute anthology has three little stories in it that were stuffed full of sweetness (which is what this blog is all about. Pass me the Lindor truffles, please).

51DvBNSX6nL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_This book begins with Rescuing Bailey. Darling Bailey has been in love with her next door neighbor, Dieter, for years. When she gets home from college, she expects a marriage proposal since they have dated for so long, but instead she gets blindsided. Escaping to Chicago for a job opportunity, she nurses her broken heart for three years until her dad has a heart attack. Returning to Utah scares her, but she does what she must. Will her heart ever heal, or will she find love where she least expects it?

In Three Little Words, Elizabeth is a speech therapist who helps people sound smart. When her friends make a bet that she has three days to turn a hick-speaking cowboy into an educated man with no accent, she takes them up on it. But when she gets to know the man beneath the cowboy hat and lingo, her heart gets tangled up and she doesn’t know what to do. She risks losing her independence and pride, but hearts don’t seem to care about trivial things like that.

In A Crying Shame, Cassidy has just told her boyfriend that she loves him. When he doesn’t return those words, or even fake an attempt, she is ready to give up on love. But her friend, Elle, won’t allow her to hide away in her room with her pregnant pet gerbil forever. She forces her to a Paint Nite, where she meets a guy who charms her despite her intention to never fall for a man again.

Now for my review. Since this is my first one with the new format for 2016, I better explain so you understand my rating scale.

Book Rating Scale

First off, I really shouldn’t have even put a 1 on my scale, because let’s face it…I’m not going to review any smut or garbage here. If I happen upon one that would rate that low, I usually won’t post about it. A 1-rating is like eating Pixie Stix…or Bertie Bott’s every flavor jelly beans. You might get some good parts…but then you eat the booger flavored bean and it ruins everything.

So with that said, even though I made some cool looking 1 Rating photos, you might not ever see them. My Sweet Rating Scale is tougher than Goodreads and Amazon (so I will put those ratings below to compare). All of the books I deem worthy of reviewing are excellent already (or I would have sent them back to the publisher).

DeDecadent5cadent books are rare…like Raspberry Hazelnut Swirl Brownies. These books are masterpieces that take incredible amount of time and talent. Because of that, they live forever in my mind. I savor them because I never want them to end, and I’m tempted to devour them immediately after finishing. These books sit on my shelf because they are now part of who I am.

4 Delicious.jpgDelicious books are ones I want to reread as well, but I can wait a little bit before I do that. They can be likened to a hot fudge brownie sundae. These are special treats you don’t have all the time. They leave me with a message to ponder and savor, and the way the words are laid out on the page is a fancy feast for my senses.

3yumA Yummy book is a solid good book that is a treat to read. These are like scrumptious chocolate chip cookies or, on the lighter side, a fresh fruit kabob. They’re good enough to read again in the future when I need a familiar friend and am craving a good book.

2 SweetA Sweet book is all right, but not the best I could read. These books are like plain Hershey’s chocolate bars or Tic Tacs. They are sweet, but not the best chocolate or candy I could have. They’ll do in a pinch though if I have nothing better. These books have grammatical problems or a forced plot; they might not have character development or are too short. You get the point.

Now for rating Three Little Words. Putting the following ingredients into my highly accurate Sweet Measurer (yes, it’s a word. I just made it up), I will figure out the Sugary ranking of this Freshly Baked Book.

  • Goodreads Rating – 4
  • Amazon Rating – 4
  • Genre – Clean Contemporary Romance
  • Plot/Pace – Steady; each story is short and can be read in one setting
  • Characters – Sweet heroines and delicious heroes
  • Dialogue/Humor – Delectable; I loved the witty banter
  • Emotional Response – Scrumptious. Made me smile
  • Editing/Cover/Layout – Cover looks yummy. I love the title font and watercolor tree; the book was also professionally edited and designed

Which equals out to a……

3 Yummy

Most good books I read rank in this category. Like Chocolate Chip Cookies, these books are delicious and I never tire of them. They are well-written, taste good, and when I’m done devouring them, I can’t help but smile and wish there was more.

So if you’re still craving sweets after the holidays, but want to work off some calories and pounds…read Three Little Words (or check out a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win it–or CASH–for free). This Yummy anthology will satisfy your sweet tooth and put a smile on your face (just like a delicious chocolate chip cookie).


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    • No, there really is a booger flavored jelly bean in Bertie Bott’s packages–as well as grass, vomit, rotten egg and other doozies. My son and his friends play games with them and pick 2 jellybeans–they have to eat whatever it is–and they get a kick out of it. **And yeah! I’m finally kicking this cold.

  1. Such a clever rating system. Now I’m hungry. From here on out, perhaps when I see ratings I’ll automatically salivate like one of Pavlov’s dogs!!
    Seriously, great job on the rating descriptions and images. I love it!

  2. What a fun rating system! And also very informative while being easy to use. I think you have a winner here!

    (But thank heaven I’ve already eaten dinner, or all those sweets might have me scrounging around the house for treats!)

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