Scattering Seeds

DSC01131It kind of hit me that we’re always scattering seeds of some kind as we travel along life’s path. Sometimes we might drop weed seeds as we complain or grumble or gossip about somebody that’s stepped into our way in life. Hopefully, more often, we’re scattering seeds of kindness and happiness to be reaped by others following after us.

There are many people who walked the path ahead of me that dropped many wonderful seeds that have bloomed for my enjoyment. My Grandma is one of these people. She always smiled and spoke only good about people. Because of her positive seeds she planted, my life has been better. Remembering her makes me wonder about my own seeds I’m leaving behind me. Are my children and grandchildren (some day) and friends going to enjoy life more because of the flowers I made bloom. Or will they have to chop through icky weeds because I planted discord and contention on the path by being inconsiderate, complaining or judgmental?

We’re dropping seeds with every single action and choice we make here in life. Let’s make the world a better, brighter place by scattering only the best we have within us.

It’s funny how circumstances can combine to change our minds. I’m not a fan of Wind or Rain in large quantities…but this week I prayed for both. We’ve had a big fire outside of town in the mountains that has caused Boise and Meridian to be smothered by smoke. One day it was so bad, I came out from work and found my car covered by fine ash. Ick! Hence, the prayers for wind and rain–wind to blow the smoke the other direction (so other people can pray for it to blow back at us) and rain to help the poor firefighters.

This weekend, we received a slight breeze that made a huge difference. My husband and I took our normal walk that we’d been unable to take the rest of the week and sport practices were resumed after being cancelled all week. Now we finally are getting the rain, and it’s lovely. I always like a good sprinkle, but I also love my sunshine and fair weather. But I’ll take rain by the truckload to get that fire out and nourish our poor dried out soil.

So that’s the weather report via Charissa for Boise, Idaho. Now you can get onto your day and scatter good seeds. Hee hee.

file000638778040Some of the seeds I’ve been working on lately are revising my next book. Needless to say, they’ve turned into EXTENSIVE revisions. My thoughts of having this out quickly are washing away in the gutter. Sorry to be such a slow writer. I’ll try to make it up to you by hopefully producing an awesome story that blooms in your heart as it is slowly doing so in mine.

Other seeds I’ve thrown about can be seen and read in my new blog I started with some other writers. It’s called and has inspirational religious posts about various subjects like family, improvement, overcoming abuse, prioritizing…you name it. I’m quite fond of it and love writing for it a couple times a month and reading what everyone else submits.

DSC02915My college daughter throws me seeds that keep me laughing. She called me last night to give me her nerd fact for the day. I learned that our tongue doesn’t taste spicy foods. The spicy sensation is from the tongue tissue that actually sends a signal to the brain that it’s burning. This activates adrenaline in the body…so people who like spicy food are kind of addicted to that adrenaline rush; and others who hate spicy food is because they feel it’s damaging their bodies from that sensation. (At least that is what I got from her long, much more detailed nerd spouting; I might not have written it down correctly in my non-nerdy translation. She used a bunch of bigger words that confused me, so I simplified it and hopefully got the idea across semi-right?).

Hmmmm? Maybe I should borrow from my daughter’s academia and do a nerd fact for the week on this blog in the future. That could be enlightening…and who among us doesn’t strive to be more nerdy? May the Force be with you as you scatter seeds of goodness.

Until the next nerdy fact of the week…peace out.

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23 thoughts on “Scattering Seeds

  1. I love the idea of leaving positive seeds behind. That’s a great mental image to remind ourselves of the effect our actions and words can have. Why not make them them fruitful ones instead of harmful ones? Very nice.

  2. I love this post, Charissa. The fire sounds as though it’s a little too close for comfort. I hope the wind and rain helps. Where is that huge dandelion located? What a cute pic.
    Good luck on all of your revisions. I didn’t think it needed extensive revisions. But then, if you’re giving Bentley his own book, then that would make for extensive revisions. Thinking of you!!

    • Yeah, Bentley will get his own book, and I’m making Rawson nicer. I think the fire’s almost or all the way out now from the rain. Yea! The dandelion statue is in the foothills here at a little park.

  3. Sweet post; enlightening with a sprinkle of humor that made me smile. Don’t you love it when our children teach us new things? Yesterday, I spent the day with my daughter in her kitchen, and she has surpassed me in the culinary department. Loved it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My daughter has surpassed me in the culinary dept as well (although that’s not hard if you actually enjoy cooking). It is fun to learn from our kids as they get older–reaping the rewards of the seeds we planted so long ago.

  4. Great blog post! I love the idea of scattering good seeds and that picture of your daughter with the big dandelion really put the cherry on the cake. I’m really excited to go see your other blog and follow it. You go girl!

    • Okay, I will see what I can come up with to prepare you for whatever the future might hold–zombie apocolypse, sandstorm, Ninja adventure, or trip to the store.

  5. I hope you’re getting the right combination of wind and rain to help put out those fires and rejuvenate the plants and soil. And my taste buds and brain must be the running-from-burning kind because I can’t handle food that’s too spicy!

    • Weird about the spicy, huh? It kind of makes sense though, because people who like spicy seek it out (like thrills) and aren’t happy unless they’re tearing up and a little breathless. Hee hee.

  6. All those positive seeds came through my laptop when I read this, Char – you’re spreading them far and wide ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve heard chili pepper is addictive. I go through stages where I have it on everything and then I kind of drop it back a bit when I overdose (lol). Great post ๐Ÿ˜€

    • My daughter that went to Korea can’t get enough spicy now. It’s so strange. She loves when something makes her sweat and cry. That is GOOD to her. She didn’t get that gene from me. But I’ve definitely improved. I like my chili with kick now, and can take quite a bit of heat in salsa and curry…but that’s about it.

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