Always Will

I’ve been a reading maniac lately since I’m fumbling with my own book right now in the revision stage. Thankfully, most of the books I’ve received in the last couple months have been incredible and I’ve gobbled them up like a hot fudge brownie sundae. I LOVE when that happens.

Today’s book spotlight is Always Will by Melanie Jacobson. Here’s the ooey gooey sweet blurb:

Handsome twenty-eight-year-old Will Hallerman has fi nally had enough of the dating world he s ready to find a wife and settle down. This announcement is catastrophic in Hannah Becker s world. After knowing Will her entire life and adoring him from afar since junior high school, she realizes her chance at love with him is in grave danger. Hannah s problem? To Will, she will never be more than his best friend’s little sister. Determined to open his eyes to her charms, Hannah sets out to sabotage Will s wife hunt by placing nightmare dates in his path and taking his search on a wild goose chase. Her plan is risky, but she s willing to take a chance to catch the eye of her soul mate.

Despite her crazy schemes, nothing seems to be working. Hannah can t help but wonder if it s time to set aside this childhood crush to move on and settle down herself. She s ready for a fresh start with a great guy. If only Will weren t suddenly changing the rules of the game . . . And how can Hannah move on when Will just won t let her forget?

My Review

This contemporary romantic comedy thrilled me. The characters are spectacular. Hannah is witty, intelligent, strong, but flawed. Will is brilliant and wonderful too, except he’s dense as concrete when it comes to love. The dialogue and friendship between these two kept me smiling and laughing the whole way through. The side characters like Sophia were great too and added lots of laughs through their conversations. I couldn’t put this book down. I started it one night and finished it the next day and couldn’t stop thinking about the characters. The scenario of the heroine being in love with her brother’s best friend for 12 years was crazy, and Will seemed a bit clueless not to have acted on that before the book starts. But crazy scenarios make awesome books. I loved seeing what Hannah was willing to do to sabotage his efforts to find a wife.

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my fair and honest review, and I highly recommend it. It’s one I won’t mind reading again.

Oh, and there’s another giveaway you can enter to try to win a copy of this awesome book and cash as well. Click on a Rafflecopter giveaway to try your luck. Have you enjoyed any SWEET reads lately? Let me know what they are. I’m always looking for ways to splurge without the calories.

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14 thoughts on “Always Will

  1. This sounds wonderful, Char.
    Like you, I enjoy sweet reads without the calories. I particularly enjoy anything Sarah Addison Allen writes. Romance with a touch of magic and vivid descriptions of food, flowers, and fantasy.
    Looking forward to your next series/books, too!!

  2. You are a reading maniac! I’m the turtle at the start line! This book sounds great. Thanks for another wonderful review and recommendation. Good luck with the revisions on your next book. Hard work, but it will be WONDERFUL!

  3. It sounds like a fun book, and I hope you’re also getting through your revision woes! I’m trying to get back on track this month after a September filled with too much work and other distractions.

    • There ALWAYS WILL (hee hee) be plenty of distractions in our lives. Hope you get back on track. I’m just trying to jumpstart my engine so I get going. Mind block–major time.

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