Flames and Thorns

My good friend, Gina Barlean, has done it again. She’s released a new book, the sequel to Thorns of Rosewood. This latest story is called Flames of Rosewood, and the suspenseful mystery sucked me right in from page one. She’s good at doing that in her books. Her writing is sharp and witty…and she can weave an intense mystery with her words and amazing characters. In fact, she’s so good that she’ll weave you right into the plot as well so you can’t escape the problems of the main character.

Gloria is our heroine in this one. I loved her in Book 1, but I loved her even more in this one. She’s strong, feisty, curious, and honest. There’s even a hint of romance that made me cheer…just a hint, but it added to the story a lot. This book deals with Naomi’s death (the wicked witch of the west who happens to be Gloria’s birth mom and is an ultra-evil woman—even as an old lady). She’s murdered, but you don’t know who dun it because there are so many possibilities of people who despised her. This book has lots of surprises and lots of action. I love the stories that come out of Gina’s head.

This book could be read as a stand-alone, but do yourself a favor and read Thorns of Rosewood first (it’s only 99 cents right now!). You’ll get so much more backstory of characters that will enhance this story for your reading pleasure. And the characters are some of my favorite things I love about Barlean’s books. They are as rich and decadent as hot fudge brownies with chocolate chips in them. Yum! Hopefully, Barlean writes another book soon to fill my hunger…or I could get off the couch and make my own dessert. But what’s the fun in that. Besides, books have way less calories in them.

Happy Reading!

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23 thoughts on “Flames and Thorns

  1. Thank you so much, Char. I love learning more about my books through other people’s eyes! The book I’m working on now has some very unique characters.
    I’ve ordered the print copies of this book. I’ll give away a signed print copy to someone who comments today. Thanks, Char for helping me get the word out.

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    • I liked him too. They were very realistic and likable. They weren’t super heroes, but they were super at wanting to do the right thing, even if they fumbled up a bit trying to do it.

  3. Sounds like another good one (and now you’re making me crave chocolate again)! 🙂 Best of all possible worlds would be reading a fun book while nibbling on chocolate.

    • I agree with Gina. Those truffles are amazing. I made some pretty good caramel apple taquitos the other night though that were divine as well. Basically, anything with sugar will do (in nice small portions so I don’t become too much to love).

  4. Hot fudge brownies with chocolate chips in them – good grief, and all this before I’ve even had my breakfast! I I love the cover of this book 😀

  5. “They are as rich and decadent as hot fudge brownies with chocolate chips in them.” Now that’s a great way to describe great characters. 🙂 This sounds like a really good story!

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