Worth Waiting For

I’ve read some great books this summer that I’ve received from Covenant Publishing. The latest story was an LDS contemporary romance about Sophie and Luke. Sophie’s a unique BYU student—she’s 19 and has already been married and divorced. You don’t run into that kind of character at BYU every day. Now she’s dating Luke James and can’t seem to get beyond her divorce to trust and love again. She cares for Luke deeply and knows in her mind that he’s nothing like her lame ex, but can her heart ever take a chance on love again after it’s been hurt so bad?

When Luke leaves for a semester abroad in Europe, Sophie will have to decide what to do, because when he comes home, he’s more serious than ever and doesn’t like being compared to Travis, her ex. This book has great characters, a clean romance, just enough tension and humor to keep things interesting enough that household chores get procrastinated (laundry can wait when I’m in the middle of a good story). I loved the theme of getting outside oneself to help others instead of wallowing in self-pity. It was just a great overall romance that made me smile (even though I had to play catch up with eight loads of laundry after I finished).

During this blog tour, you can enter your name in a Rafflecopter giveaway to receive a free copy of the book and $25 Amazon cash. Good luck. You can also pick up a copy at Amazon or Deseret Book. Happy Reading!

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6 thoughts on “Worth Waiting For

  1. Well, my mother was married at the age of 19 but certainly not divorced! I can’t imagine what that would be like, but that’s part of the joy of reading, right? We learn so much about situations we’ve never experienced.

    • So true. The heroine in this book kind of had a Hollywood romance that sparked and fizzled fast in divorce. Glad your mom’s story worked out awesome. I married a day before my 21st birthday. My sister married at 19. Sometimes I think being married early like I was made it easier to get along with my spouse. We weren’t already set in our ways and stubborn, but had to create our ‘adult’ life together. And it’s been fun.

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