What the Goose?

2015-05-15 17.14.23Take a gander at what I’ve been up to this summer. Most importantly, I broke my curse by mountain biking on Memorial Day this year on the same trail I broke my arm on last Memorial Day. Yes, I walked more than I did last time, and I bonked super bad because we took a ‘shortcut’ back from Stack Rock that ended up being much longer than the original trail with LOTS of uphill at the end. The good thing was that it was super lush and beautiful and I don’t regret it for a second. I can walk my bike as good as the next person, and being up on a mountain next to a trickling stream and gorgeous plants and trees made me happy (even if my legs were ready to give out). Thankfully, I didn’t need to go to the bathroom or that trickling stream might have been my undoing.

Next, I planted a garden. That was another thing I missed out on last year due to my broken arm. No one else cared if we had tomatoes or zucchini if I didn’t do the work. I’ve kept the weeds at bay so far and not been lazy and let them get out of hand (which sadly, I do. I’m sorry to all you incredible garden people out there who find that sinful (aka–Dad). I haven’t sinned and let the weeds overtake my plants yet, but don’t hold your breath that I won’t…although I promised my husband to do better since he tilled the ground for me)

I lost two peach trees and a cherry tree due to our incredibly weird winter. I still want to cry about that when I think of all the yummy peaches I will miss out on this year. Wah!!!! The cherry tree doesn’t kill me because the birds usually beat me to the fruit on that one anyway. Stupid birds (I’m sorry, Grandpa, but I don’t like cherry-eating birds! They’re mean and greedy and used to leave their cherry pits all over my patio. At least, that’s something I don’t have to clean up this year.).

My kids are growing up too fast. That makes me want to cry some days too; but mostly, I’m just happy because they’re so dang awesome. My oldest won a trip to Chicago for architecture and has a cute new puppy. My 2nd comes home from her mission in Korea in August. Squeal!!! I’m excited to see her–it will have been 19 months since she left. My 3rd one has the audacity to be looking forward to being a senior this year and leaving me next year (that’s worse than losing a peach tree!). And my son annoys me by squeezing my knee every chance he gets (which is where I’m ticklish, and he knows it). Besides the knee-squeezing, he’s pretty fun and hasn’t killed me yet as he’s practiced driving. I appreciate that!

On the writing front, I’m working on my next book which is set on a ranch in Montana. I’m playing around with the program Scrivener and it’s helped me organize my book easier than Word. I’m still a novice and will have to study more and watch lots of tutorials on how to use all the features, but I have hope that I can become a faster writer once I figure this program out and use it fully. It has great potential as a writing tool. My story is starting to make me smile now too because it’s coming together. This book will be written in first person instead of 3rd person like my Bending Willow Trilogy. There are 3 characters again–Liz, Rawson and Bentley (this is also the name of my daughter’s puppy, but I had the name picked out before she ever bought her Bentley, so I told her I was still using it).

Besides those things, we’ve been repainting the house and I’ve been reading like crazy and trying to eat semi-healthy and exercise so I don’t gain any weight back. I’ve lost 24 pounds since the summer of the broken arm to keep Carrie Rubin’s serial killer from her new book Eating Bull coming after me. It hasn’t been released yet, so I might be safe…but I’m taking no chances.

What are you doing this summer? Hopefully, you’re enjoying it fully! If not, then we need to have a little talk. I promise to be nice (but don’t expect any peach pie since…you know…see above).




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  1. Whew! That was a lot of news!!
    You are busy, busy, busy! I thought I was, but I’m tired just reading your blog!
    I lost a peach tree this year, too. I am also very sad about that! I saw ONE cherry on my cherry tree when I mowed 2 days ago. I forgot to pick it. I’m headed out now to see if it’s still there. I highly doubt it. I’m with you in a war with those darned birds!

    • The peach trees are huge losses. Sorry you lost one too. I need to plant some new ones this year and pray for better winters in the future.

  2. I enjoyed reading what you’ve been up to, Char. 🙂 Sorry to hear about your fruit trees. We lost a fair amount of our landscaping thanks to the awful last two winters as well. Mostly bushes and such.

    19 months away from your child? Oh, I can’t even imagine. My youngest is at a pole-vaulting camp for four days, and I already feel like I lost an appendage. My oldest is off to college in August but only 45 minutes away. Phew.

    Thanks so much for the mention. Your comment made me laugh. I think Darwin will leave you alone. He knows better than to mess with a momma. We’re pretty tough cookies. (But don’t tell him I said, ‘cookies’…)

    • Cookies! Now I know what I want for lunch (just kidding!) It’s so crazy when our kids are old enough to leave us. I spent time with my oldest and her husband this weekend and their puppy and that was so fun. But it’s always hard to leave her.

  3. Wow, time flies. Your daughter is already finishing up her mission? Feels like just a few months ago you were sharing. Sorry about the peach tree. When we pulled out of Phx, I informed my son not to let MY orange tree die. I must have picked all the fruit off that tree in HIS yard lol. Enjoy your summer 🙂

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the orange tree. That sounds heavenly. Yes, the mission went fast and I’m so excited to have her back soon.

  4. I lost two avocado trees last summer, Char (okay – sobbing my eyes out). I love having a gander to see what you’ve been up to – you’ve certainly been busy 😀

    • Oh, avocados! I feel your pain. I couldn’t even grow them if I tried, but I buy them all the time because they are one of my favorites!

  5. I love reading your blog. Thanks for all the tips on new books. I really enjoy your missionary’s letters and pictures.

    • They’re fun, aren’t they. I can’t wait for her to get home! It will be a short month before she leaves me again, but I will enjoy it (if I don’t have to spend every day in the courtroom in August–I just got jury duty for 5 weeks during that time)

  6. You are keeping busy! I love Scrivener for writing. There is a learning curve, but once you get a handle on the basics, it’s so much more flexible and easier to use than Word.

    • I’ve only figured out the basics, but look forward to learning more. It’s definitely better than Word. That program made me scream so much!

  7. You are keeping busy. Good for you! I tried Scrivener, but I gave up on it because I couldn’t master all the different functions and features. But don’t listen to me. Listen to JM above! 🙂

    • We’ll see if I can get the hang of all those things. I figure I’ll have to devote time to watching Youtube videos on it as I go.

  8. I’m glad you broke your curse and didn’t break anything else on that trail! Everyone should be able to get out and fully enjoy the summer while it lasts. We had cherry trees in the yard while growing up in MI and one of our responsibilities as kids would be to keep scaring the birds away – that was always fun but then we’d eat the cherries instead and there still wouldn’t be enough for a pie. That’s great that you’ve lost that much weight – you must not be eating your chocolate! 🙂

    • Oh, I haven’t given up chocolate. What would be the purpose of living then? Just kidding. But I am watching portions and exercising better. That’s helpful. I tend to be a grazer if I don’t track my calories.

  9. Good for you in getting back out there 🙂 Kids do not stay small for long – my nephews are now 18, 19 and 21. I think I related better to them when they were in elementary school though – ha! Some days they are like alien beings living in la la land – geez.

    Well Mr. Craves and I decided to move from out west to the southeast – Hello! Florida – we are enjoying it immensely 🙂 We are getting into all kinds of adventures and explorations here and getting plenty of beach time in too.

    Happy Summer – Enjoy 🙂

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