Playing for Keeps

I just read this Playing for Keeps and had to share it! First off, the cover is amazing! I love the colors and it just shouts, READ ME! when I look at it. So I did. You should too. Here’s why:

1. The heroine is cute, brash and sassy (in the best kind of way). She’s out to get what she wants–the man of her dreams–and takes advice from other girls to grab his attention, when all she needs to do is just be herself. Most heroines are so sweet and shy and hang back and catch attention that way in stories, but Ty is a realist and knows she has to put herself out there in a big way to get Rocket Rogers’ attention.

2. The hero is arrogant, handsome, talented and the ultimate lady’s man. Ick, right? Wrong! Anthony’s outer confidence is a mask for the wounded inner man he lets no one else see. I really liked him.

3. The dialogue is fun, fresh, and witty. I easily lost myself in Ty’s and Anthony’s world because the author did an excellent job keeping things real. I seriously had trouble putting this book down. It’s like the book actually had super glue on the edges that wouldn’t release  my hands. Terrible problem–NOT!

4. I am a football flunkie, yet this book sucked me in even though I didn’t necessarily understand the football lingo. I could tell the author had picked someone’s football brain to write this, but she did it in a way that didn’t alienate football-know-nothings like me. I actually liked all the football talk.

5. The tension and drama was perfect–not too much to make me bite off my nails (or maybe the fact that I’d already bitten them off before I read this might have something to do with that…but not much). There’s an icky, creeper villain who is just enough off kilter that you never know what to expect from him, and then the romantic tension is as thick as caramel. Yummy!

Now if you still need a synopsis before you decide to read, I’ve got you covered there too. Here’s the cute blurb:

Football-loving TyAnne Daws has long admired BYU’s star quarterback from afar. This semester, she’s determined to step away from the sidelines — and she has the perfect game plan for winning the heart of Anthony “Rocket” Rogers. When some smart moves land her in one of his classes, she finds herself in the perfect position to make her play. But as she gets to know the real Anthony, away from the lights of the stadium, Ty realizes that this is no game — she’s falling in love.

Anthony takes full advantage of his all-star status, holding girls at arm’s length for one reason: it keeps him from repeating the same mistakes that once led to a devastating heartbreak. When he meets Ty, his assumption that she’s just another pretty face is quickly proven wrong. Though he’s completely drawn in by this sweet young woman, her intriguing mix of amusing football know-how, and her quiet selflessness, he will not let himself fall in love. But when faced with the reality of losing the woman he’s come to care for despite himself, Anthony’s resolve is tested — and he finds it’s getting harder to keep his head in the game when his heart’s on the line.

Enter a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win cash and a copy of this awesome book! Then we can talk football jargon to each other. Hutt, Pass, pigskin, yardage, lines, touchdown. I think I’ve run out of things to talk about–remember…football flunkie. That’s me. But that still didn’t keep me from loving this book. It’s a keeper!!! Ha ha. So punny.


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