Blessings or Burdens

DSCN9570It’s spring! How can I NOT be happy? Seriously. There are green buds on the trees and tulips and blossoms on the fruit trees. My grass is looking alive again after having the tromped on, beat-up look of winter. I’m working on revisions and edits for another story that keeps me smiling because there are all new characters and plot twists from what I’ve worked with on the Bending Willow Trilogy for the last five years. Life is good.

My cute daughter who’s in South Korea wrote me yesterday and made me smile even more. It helped that she sent pictures of pretty flowers in Korea so I didn’t feel bad that she would miss my iris party here in a few weeks when my yard becomes magnificent! She talked about how we can view rain as either a blight or a blessing. I guess it rained pretty hard on her the other day (okay, a torrent). When we view rain through the smeary lens of misery, then it is a miserable thing. It ruins activities we had planned; it soaks us and makes us look like drowned kittens; it blots out the sun.

But if we clean off our glasses and see rain through a brighter focus, it transforms into a blessing. We cheer because it is nourishing the earth and filling up lakes and reservoirs; we smile because we see new colors only the moisture can bring out in objects. Rain can be fun as we get soaked and feel alive like little children as we run and step in puddles. It cleanses not only the earth, but our hearts as well…if we stop wearing the dirty lenses that blur everything into a burden.

P1040360So here’s to spring rains. May we have lots of showers. I know those of you back east are getting our share of them right now, and I’d just ask that you share a little with us here in the west. And whether we get a lot or a little, let us be grateful for each drop of rain in our lives and see it as a blessing, not a burden (literally and figuratively).

Have a super week!

25 thoughts on “Blessings or Burdens

  1. This is a lovely post, and I agree–we need to see rain as a blessing. I’m sure those in California would rejoice in it. So sad to hear of such drought. As I get older, I don’t mind the rain as much. Just grab an umbrella, no big thing. Sure, sunshine is more welcome, but I can deal with the moisture. Maybe it’s because I no longer care what my hair looks like. 😉

    • It’s nice to reach the age where we don’t obsess over our hair. I watch my teenager fuss and curl for a long time and think she looks just as pretty when she puts 10 minutes into her hair as when she puts an hour.

  2. Such a beautiful thought, Charissa. I love the rain, except when it’s so bad that it floods the street and makes driving scary. We get those days in Texas and it’s downright terrifying. ON the other hand, I love the sound of rain. Especially at night while sleeping. It’s somehow comforting. I also love how cozy a rainy day makes the house feel. Bring it on, May showers! (since April didn’t do its job!)

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t mind getting an extra wet May and June here in Idaho. I feel the same about snow as you do about scary flooding. When the roads are treacherous, it’s hard to be thankful (but I’m trying to do better).

  3. Well said…. lovely words. I enjoy it when it rains in the desert. It seems to waken all the plants making the desert come alive. Let’s hope the west is blessed with plenty of rain this season 🙂

  4. Nothing like a good washing. I love rain. Our crops depend on it, and the whole world depends on all the different farmer’s crops.

  5. Beautifully written. This is a timely post for us in my household! I got my son a Venus Fly Trap plant at Easter (he’s wanted one for ages), and after we got it we discovered that they must only be watered with distilled water or rainwater. For some reason, I can’t find any shops here that sell distilled water anymore! We can buy it online, but the shipping for water makes it ridiculously expensive really for what it is. So we’ve had a bucket sitting outside to catch rain, and it hasn’t rained for two weeks! We’ve been laughing about how ordinarily we don’t want the rain, and now that we do, not a drop!

  6. I too, hope the Venus Fly Trap gets a transfusion of rain. If the wind were going in the right direction, I could send you some of the 2+ inches we got here.We’ve got the velocity. It sure is nice to sit in the house and watch the effects of the wind outside where I don’t have to battle it.

  7. We are definitely in a period of “April showers,” and I wish I could share them with areas that need them. I wish I could remember more often that if it weren’t for the rainy days, the world would be a barren place, indeed.

    • It definitely would! I’m glad you’re getting your spring showers though. I don’t think the east has any worries of being in drought this year. You’re probably feeling a little water-logged.

  8. We do a happy dance here in West Texas with any drop of rain we get. We’ve been so lucky this year–it’s rained several times–compared to last year I think we were bone dry.
    The weather seems to be getting stranger and stranger each year.
    Happy Spring, Char!

    • Yea! I’m glad you’re getting some showers this year, Christy. The weather has been volatile, hasn’t it? May the cloud’s happy tears keep bathing your part of the country.

    • They’re so close. If we’re lucky, we’ll get some rain this weekend and that might make them so happy they bud out by Monday.

  9. I know rain is important, especially during the growing season. But, have to admit, after all the snow we got, I’m not looking forward to rain! The other problem I have with rain is that it makes me sleepy and moody. In my youth, I had the time to snuggle up with a good book or write on a rainy day. These days, not so much.

    Oh well, I am psyched it’s spring, and rain will make spring more beautiful! Your iris party sounds so neat!

    • I’m sorry you don’t have time to cuddle up with a good book and write more, especially during the rain. We finally got rain today (after a long time without, so it’s making me happy because everything is so much more vibrant colors than when it’s dry). Too bad you can’t send some of your rain from the east out here to the west. We’d gladly lighten your load if we could. Have a good weekend, Kate!

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