Because He Lives

I love Easter because of the hope and life it brings, both physically with the new buds and flowers as life soars into trees and vegetation once more after winter, and spiritually with the message of hope our Savior’s resurrection instills in my heart, reminding me that there is light and life because He lives. Hope you enjoy this short video and remember Christ this Easter and always! Because He lives, we have hope for a brighter future. Because He lives, we will live again after the winter of our mortal life. Because He lives, we can change and be better. That knowledge brings me joy!

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6 thoughts on “Because He Lives

    • I liked that too. I had the change of seasons on my mind since it’s getting so pretty here and the canal is up and running again. Being a desert rat from Vegas, it makes me feel like I have a river in my own neighborhood. Love it!

    • It was a beautiful day full of inspiring talks to listen to. Loved it…and the yummy food too. I did an egg hunt for my teenagers and they were pretty excited. I was lame-o last year and did nothing and I think I broke their hearts. I guess they’re never too young to look for Easter baskets and eggs.

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