Tour de Hands – Day 9

P1010290It’s a race to the finish as we meander into Michigan for the final stretch of the 1st annual Tour de Hands where Rebecca Belliston is waiting to congratulate the winners at the finish line. Rebecca has written several awesome books that I’ve enjoyed (Sadie and Life among others)

This event has been grueling in that it has covered long distances over the course of an entire month. Are you as tired as my books are? I hope not. If you are, I’ll share my chocolate chip stash with you (they’re even frozen…my favorite way to eat them).

To recap all the stops along this tour, the Bending Willow Trilogy team started out in Texas where Taylor Dean focused on each book in the series.

Then the tour took them all the way across the country to Cape Cod, where Sheila Hurst hosted and helped them lug their bikes out of the snowy blizzard.

From there the team nestled in Nebraska for a rest stop with Gina Barlean

…before traveling on to Kansas to be interviewed by Michelle Terry.

On the second to last leg of the race, my books took the stage in Utah…

Bending Willow Trilogy_borderBut now we’ve made it to the end of the strenuous Tour de Hands. I hope you’ll go cheer and pat my books on the back at the finish line with Rebecca Belliston. And if you’ve read any of  my books, I’d be tickled pink (it’s the only color I turn besides red) if you’d leave a review about them on Amazon and Goodreads. Thanks a bunch! Now it’s time for lunch!

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  1. Congratulations on your whirlwind tour and for letting me be a part of it. You are an amazing story-telling with characters I’m completely in love with. I also love that you are a fantastic mama, wife and chocolate chip cookie eater…it gives writer-mamas like me some hope. xo

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