Tour de Hands – Day 8

bikerBlackIsolatedMy books are into the last week of the Tour de Hands. They’ve been all over the continental U.S., and are enjoying some warmer weather down in southern Utah for the next few days before they head north. Linda Clarke is interviewing me and the team down in St. George right now, so I hope you’ll stop in to show your support (and throw us some chocolate. Thanks in advance!).

The print versions of Eyes of Light and Secret Keepers are now available for purchase. There was a printer mess up on Hands of Mercy, so it’s still unavailable in paperback. Sorry for the delay, but I’m waiting for the printer to fix their mistake (they sent me only the first 20 pages, and that makes for a very tiny book. I’d laugh if I didn’t want to cry). Wish me luck with the next proof they send me.

8 thoughts on “Tour de Hands – Day 8

  1. I can see why Austan would be your favorite to write. Those mischief-makers often are. Of course, Suvi gets in her share of troubles, too, but her issues are dark, and I imagine that can take a toll on you.

  2. Was the printer mistake through Create Space? Yikes! I’ve never had that happen. It makes me feel like I need to check every book I order to make sure it’s okay before mailing it to others. (I didn’t check every proof of Girl of Mine–hope that didn’t happen!!) Create Space is really good about fixing their mistakes. My first batch of books of I’m With You came in pink instead of gray. (the first book cover) When I contacted them, they immediately expedited brand new copies–with the correct color. I can’t complain about that kind of service! Hope they did the same for you.
    Good luck with your ongoing tour!

    • It was Create Space’s mistake and they said I would have new copies last Friday…and I’m still waiting. I think it’s time to throw a stink!

    • Yeah, 2nd shipment had the same mistake. I just barely got the 3rd set of proofs and they look good on the outside. Now to delve in and check the inside. What a process!

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