Tour de Hands – Day 7

file0001299095800Today’s leg of the race is taking my books to the great state of Utah where Cami Checketts is at the finish line to hug my books with a little review. They’re over halfway done with the tour and are a little winded, having started in Texas, kicked it cross-country to Cape Cod, narrated in their sleep in Nebraska, and caught air in Kansas before heading to the mountains for some strenuous uphill cycling.

I couldn’t think of anyone better than Cami to pep up my books at this point in the Tour de Hands, because she is one of the most friendly people I’ve met. Cami is an author friend who writes romantic suspense. I’ve read…(hold on while I count) 8 of her books, including the Dead Running series and Blog This. I’ll be interviewing her about her newest book next week, so stay tuned. I hope you’ll go get your own hug from Cami today…and don’t forget to sign up for my author newsletter (if you already haven’t) for a chance to win cash and book prizes at the end of the tour (March 1st). Yeehaw!


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