Tour de Hands – Day 6

file0001156906573And the race continues. This tour has covered a lot of area over the last two weeks. My books have traveled to Texas, cycled to Cape Cod, napped in Nebraska after covering a grueling Midwest section of the race.

But today they’re kicking it into high gear to reach Kansas, where my good friend, Michelle Terry, is interviewing the team while we take a breather in Topeka. I hope you’ll show your support by reading her article. She’s been good to the team since we arrived. This midwest gal is my hero how she grabs her chainsaw and works out in the yard right alongside her husband, or nurses sick kids, juggles sport practices and all the other million things a mom has to do…all while keeping that great smile on her face!

BW TrilogyStandings so far: Hands of Mercy is in the lead. Eyes of Light is in 2nd place, and Secret Keepers is holding the rear spot…but that could all change by time we travel to Utah next. Ahhh! I love the intensity of this race!

14 thoughts on “Tour de Hands – Day 6

  1. Still going strong! Yay!
    I now see a happy ending in sight in Hands of Mercy. Sorry I’m so slow. I read every night before I go to bed. Depending on how my day went, I might read for an hour, or maybe only ten minutes. Depends on how tired I am! This one is my favorite of all three books and it’s calling to me to drop everything and finish it. Your books just get better and better.
    It’s so well written and flows beautifully. Nice job! (James’s hands are killing me!)

    • I’m glad you’re seeing hope at the end of the tunnel. I was scared to put this one out in fear people might get mad in the middle and just stop. I’m glad you kept going.

  2. I am absolutely loving this race you have going. I seriously need to step up my game and read! I’ll be sitting in the bleachers for 8-10 hours of wrestling tomorrow…perhaps, I can get to the bottom of what Austen is up to!
    Thank you so much for letting me use your book over on my site. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing this side of you. And, thank you for the kind words…the chainsaw comes back out on Sunday 😉

    • Yea for chainsaws! I wouldn’t mind wielding one, but I’m kind of dangerous with power tools. Right after we bought an electric trimmer, I went out to wage war on my tangly bushes and ended up cutting through my cord. (My husband was just glad it wasn’t my leg). A chainsaw might not be a good idea in my hands.

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