Tour de Hands – Day 4

file5231241720377It’s been a crazy race of words this week. My Bending Willow Books have traveled from Texas to Cape Cod, and back to Texas. They’re hanging out at Taylor Dean’s blog for the next week until Phase 2 of our Tour de Hands begins. My books need time to rest their legs. (Yes, they have legs, and they’re tired). Currently, Hands of Mercy is in the lead, so go cheer Hands on (hee hee–no pun intended).

If you missed any of the intense action in the race so far, here’s a recap.

In the last two phases of the race, starting Feb. 10th, my books will visit the midwest, Utah and Michigan! So stay tuned.


10 thoughts on “Tour de Hands – Day 4

  1. Hope the rest of the tour is FANTASTIC!
    I am biting my nails while reading Hands of Mercy. I fear what will happen next. Please, please, please tell me it has a happy ending! I want a happy ending for James and Suvi, and even Austan. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the roller coaster ride! Nice work!

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